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invasive species

Britney Gomez

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of Science

Asian Carps ASIAN WHO? 8 types of Asian Carp Asian Carp? Enjoying North America so far? Originated: China Info to know Invasive Species By: Dhisara Liyanage Asian Carps are now being treated as invasive and dangerous species. They fall into the category of "Exotic Species". But why are they so important to be talking about Common Carp Goldfish Curcian Carp Silver Carp Mud Carp grass carp Black carp Bighead Carp Eco-system: aquatic (Fresh waters & Sea water Life span: 30 year Asian Carp were brought to North America in the early 1970's to eat lots of plankton to remove algae from aquaculture ponds.
What are aqua culture ponds? Curcian Carp So..... how's life? Food: Predators: NONE!! Reproducing rate: Plankton 1.9 million eggs a year 1 to 3 percent only will grow up to be adults Size n' Weight: average 30-40 lbs Some can grow up to 100lbs they can grow up to 7 ft in length Whats the big deal Solution Big-head and Silver Carp don't have scales on there heads teeth are on the back of there throats Silver Carp can jump up to 8-10 feet in the air The Big-head and Silver carp don't have stomachs Filter Feeders During the Mississippi flood the early 1990's, the carps escaped from their farms and into the Mississippi waterway system. Now they successfully invaded the Mississippi river and all of its tributaries and are heading to the great lakes They have also been caught in Lake Eerie and Lake Ontario OMG! Asian Carps enjoy the cool to moderate waters that coincidentally is provided by the great lakes THREAT!!!!! Don't have natural predators equals overpopulation Get scared by boaters hence they jump Eats plankton directly Do not benefit from other creatures Primary consumer What Ontario has done to prevent Asian Carp Invasions possessing, selling, and buying carps is illegal Partnered with the Ontarian federation of anglers and hunters to prevent invasive species by educating, training, and monitoring Ontario has worked hard to prevent Carps from entering Ontario's lakes. Their mission was successful. Right now there aren't asian carps in our waters but it is potential if we don't help don't release live bait into Ontarian lakes or rivers don't import live fish into Ontario learn to identify carps so you don't confuse the young asian carps with native fishes Electric barriers Threat to the Environment Credits Created by Dhisara Liyanage Thanks to: asaincarpswikipedia.com www.mnr.gov.on.ca/en/Business/.../STDPROD_088924.html http://www.dfo-mpo.gc.ca/science/publications/article/2010/11-15-10-eng.html common carp crusian carp grass carp silver carp mud carp goldfish black carp big head carp THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!!! HOPE YOU LEARNED A LOT ABOUT ASIAN CARPS YOU BETTER WATCH OUT! THERE COMING TO GET YOU!!!
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