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English Literature: Sing To The Dawn

No description

Emmanuel Shim

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of English Literature: Sing To The Dawn

English Literature: Sing To The Dawn
Character Study on:
Dawan's mother and grandmother
Mother and Grandmother
Sensitive to people's feelings
Does not dare to go against her husband's wishes/Submissive
Grandmother's traits
Firm in her decisions
Supportive towards Dawan
Loving towards Dawan
Similar traits
Care for Dawan

Evidence on Mother's traits:
Moody/embittered-How was it that she could be so loving and full of laughter one moment, and then so biting and sour the next and sometimes, even both at once?(pg30, line 19-21)

Sharp-tongued-"Wait, what are u trying to do?Why do you want to take Dawan to Noi's house?"(pg 31, line 9-10)
"I see what you are up to!You're going to try and talk Noi into arguing for Dawan i front of her father,aren't you?"(pg 31, line 16-18)

Caring-"Thank you,Mother.That is good of you.And I will walk the three kilometers with Dawan for you."(pg 33, line 15-16)
"And you are getting old, mother."(pg 33, line 4)

Does not dare to go against her husband's wishes/Submissive)-"It is not my place to say anything."(pg 32, line 1-2)

Pessismistic- "You should not encourage her so! You know her father won't let her go. She'll be even more disappointed if u praise her now. At least spare her that."(pg 30, line 14-16)
Evidence on
Grandmother's traits:
Encouraging- "Child, I am proud of you."(pg 30, line 10-11)

Fair/Firm in her decisions- "I do what I think right."(pg 30, line 26)

Supportive towards Dawan- When Dawan told her family that she had gotten the scholarship,nobody encouraged or congratulated her but only her grandmother stands up for her.

Loving towards Dawan-"We're going to Noi's house."(pg 31,line 7-8)
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