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Describe a table graph

No description

JN Truong

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Describe a table graph

Team 5
1. Truong Thu Hang
2. Le Hoang Khanh Linh
3. Le Ngoc Phuong Uyen useful language: overall, as we can see in the table; from the table, it can be seen that... How to describe a table in IELTS wringting Example of some tables III. Structure of an essay and useful language A. Introduction
Illustrate the table's main purpose, the time when the table was recorded, the unit of the table... 1. Overall trend: write the most outstanding feature in the table shown For example: The table shows the rates of forest loss in Cambodia, Indonesia and Laos. For example: Generally, Laos had larger forest cover than Cambodia, and Indonesia had the largest of 3 countries. * the table shows/ describes/ illustrates/ represents/ presents/ indicates/ reveals that the deforestation in Southeast Asia between 1990 and 2005... B. Body paragraph 2. Trends at different times or significant points of change Describe the nocticeable rates, what's the highest, the lowest, the most important and big changes For instance: In1990, Indo had 116,5 million hectares of forest cover, very much larger than Lao's and Cambodia's, which were only 17,3 and 12,9 million hectares in the same period. 3. A comparison of different sets of information Describe some outstanding features and the different level of figures. For example: The overall figures indicates that within 15 years from 1990 to 2000, Indohad the highest percentage of forest loss, at 24% while Cambodia at 19.3% and Laos had the least at only 6.7% useful language: compared with../in comparison with...; in(during)the ten years period( from..to..), there was a dramatic increase...,..... 4. Useful language with this stage, you can check carefully the way you use some form word and collocations. - to fall/decrease by 20%, from 55% to 35%...
- to rise/increase from..to..
- the percentage of personal income in Italy, Japan and France reached 29.5%, 17.6% and 18.7% respectively
- In (during) the ten years period( from..to), there was a dramatic increase in....
- From the 2000 onwards, there has been a slight increase in.... * you should use the symnonym of some word to avoid the repetition. some adj to describe the degree of change: steep, dramatic, considerable, sharp, significant, substantial, moderate, slight.... some useful symnonym can help you alot:
* to go up: increase, rise, grow...
=> nouns: an increase, a rise, a growth, an upturn...
*to go down: decrease, fall(off), drop, decline, go down, slip....
=> nouns: a downturn, a decline, a drop,....
* go up a lot: surge, take off, shoot up, soar, rocket, jump..
=> nouns: an upsurge, a surge, a jump, a leap...
* go down a lot: plummet, plunge, slump, crash, sink, tumble....
=> nouns: a plunge, a slump, a crash, a tumble... * No change: to remain stable,to level off/level out, to stay at the same level, to remain constant,
to stagnate, to stabilize... SUMMARY a general statement
( title, what the graph is about) Overall trend Trends at different times or significant points of change A comparison of different sets of information thanks for listening! C. Conclusion with this stage, you 'll have to present the purpose of the table shown and indicate from the figures the prone of the components in the table. For example: In short, it can be seen from the economic indicators that the four developing countries have to develop a lot more before reaching the same level of quality of life as USA * Read the task carefully and understand the question Neccessary stages * Understand and interpret the table shown * Brainstorm the ideas * Paraphrase language and useful language * Describe the trends and compare the data (recommend) # Read the task carefully and understand the question #
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