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ALUMNI Spring 2013 - Asbury Theological Seminary

Spring 2013 Presentation

Tammy Cessna

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of ALUMNI Spring 2013 - Asbury Theological Seminary

a Topic Proposed Initiatives
February 8 : LLSP Alumni Reunion Banquet, Orlando
April 16 : Continuing Ed. Counseling Event, Wilmore
April 21-25 : Exponential Conference in Orlando
April 29-May 1: Alumni Council, Wilmore
May 3: Distinguished Alumni Chapel/Lunch-Steve Harper
May 18 : FL Graduation
May 24-25 : Golden Grads
May 25 : KY Graduation
May 17-June 21: Annual Conference Alumni Events Alumni Christmas Card:
Sent to 7,257 individuals

e-Link : Sent to 7,257 individuals from 60 different countries 11 times a year Resources Events January-June 2013 Alumni Communication Tennent Tours : Our alum, especially the alumni council, have been key players in the success of the tour's. Six out of the seven Tennent Tours of 2012 were hosted by Alumni Council members.

MGO's often connect with alumni to secure donor referrals.

President Retreats : Each One Bring One (we sent invitations to 100 alumni to bring a qualified guest to the Cove 2012). Donor Referrals 08-09 $533,348
09-10 $555,732
10-11 $724,958
11-12 $601,961 Alumni Giving 2011 155 230 385
2012 86 178 264
2013 88 204 292 Alumni Student Referrals Alumni continue to be a primary
source for student referrals. Alumni First Time Donors #ID's
08-09 55
09-10 81
10-11 188
11-12 101 In a peer group study with 12 comparative theological schools, Asbury Seminary was in first place in alumni giving in 2011 AND in 2012. We were second to last only
a few years back. ALUMNI COUNCIL Engaging
International Alumni In 08-09 we had 55 first time gifts from alumni, in 11-12 first time alumni gifts totaled 101, making an 83% increase in first time gifts. We have an increase of 13% percent in giving from fiscal year 08-09 to fiscal year 11-12. The 31 alumni who attended the Cove generated a 3:1 giving ratio. Hosting an alumni luncheon/dinner at the 150th Salvation Army celebration in London, England in 2015...inviting alumni from the Salvation Army and Great Britain to join us. Looking at the possibility of taking the President's Retreat
to a different country, inviting the international
alumni to attend and bring guests as well as featuring
international alumni in the program. We are looking into holding Alumni Council meetings in a different country every few years. At the invitation of Prabhu Singh, we are considering SAIACS within the next few years. We have 35 Alumni Council Members
Males: 30
Females: 5
Alliance (CMA)-1
African Inland-1
Church of God in Christ-1
Church of God (Anderson)-1
Church of South India-1
Free Methodist-3
Korean Methodist-1
Salvation Army-1
Singapore Methodist-1
United Church of Christ-1
Church Planters- 3
District Superintendents: 2
Higher Ed.-2
South Korea Internationals: 8 USA: 27 Gender: Denominations: Vocation: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Degrees: MDiv PhD
ThM "Love the HUB for connecting with friends from ATS and as a great way to post job opportunities and learn about upcoming events! Been missing this connection but now, it's back. Thank you ATS Alumni Team!" Phase #1:
Obtain and Launch Systems & Structures Phase #3:
Allow Students to Register in the HUB after 20 credit hrs this coming academic year Phase #2:
Proactively Seek and Post Open Ministry Positions Through alumni connections, denominational web sites, etc... Phase #4:
Cultivate a Matrix of Hiring Influencers District Superintendents, Bishops, Para-Church Ministry Leaders,
etc... Phase #6:
Successful Placement Helping Students and Alumni secure employment
through the career services initiative Give Students Access to the System to begin to Network with Alumni, Look for jobs, Upload Resumes Alumni
Online Directory,
Mentoring &
Career Services Phase #5:
Mentoring Encourage the Connection between Alumni Mentors & Students by Region, Denomination, Career Interests, etc... The HUB Launched in February 2013 after year long implementation process
Dedicate a student worker in Alumni to manage The HUB Registered to date: 1,387 or 13% of alumni The HUB (Alumni On-Line Directory)

Library Services
Live Chapel Streaming
"Enjoyed "Hub-bing"
it today--searched out some
long lost connections and friends. Great to know it is there! Rev. Dr. Shalom Renner
Senior Pastor
Greenville, IL UMC David Hoppenjan,2006 MDiv
Executive Pastor, Shalimar, FL ALUMNI
Target: Asbury Alumni and prospective students interested in Church Planting
Purpose: To inform attendees about Asbury's new Church Planting degree, facilitate in networking
Featured Speakers: Tom Tumblin, Chuck Gutenson and Rosario Picardo (Embrace Church, Lexington KY Asbury Booth and
a Free Alumni Dinner The Alumni Office is Sponsoring 32 Annual Conference Alumni Gatherings
We are Sending Faculty Speakers to 21 of the Gatherings 122 13 Shares Faculty Staff Last Supper Reenactment
March 21, 2013 Some of our more popular recent posts: "The Gospels do not explain the Resurrection; the Resurrection explains the Gospels. Belief in the Resurrection is not an appendage to the Christian faith; it is the Christian faith."-John S. Whale 49 18 Shares Posted May 30, 2013 ATS Alumni Fan Page : 1,275 fans
571,451 friends of fans
6,757 weekly total reach
Translated into 9 different languages 1,571 Followers 5,324 Tweets Resume Building Helps
Interview Coaching
Resources Summary The Ten Most
Popular Degrees We know significant partnerships are anchored in long-term relationships. As Asbury looks to the future for securing even greater national and international engagement and support, we are confident that our systems approach deployed by Development and Alumni Relations has provided a solid foundation for future success. We believe the immediate way to make progress in this area is to continue leveraging a renewed and reinvigorated global alumni network. M/F = 82/18 #1 - MDiv: 3,562 #2 - MA Counseling: 380 #3 - DMin in Ministry: 290 #4 - DMin Beeson: 263 • • • • • • $3 BUCK CHUCK Objective: To help drive alumni to giving recurring gifts online
Suggested Donation of $3 a month for a year in an online recurring gift ($36 total) The Next Wesley
Family Mascot Alumni Reunion Cruise January 2014 - Five Night Celebrity Cruise Visits Cozumel and Key West
Prices per person including port tax:
Inside Cabins - $450-$500
Outside Cabins - $550-600
Veranda Cabins - $700-$800
Concierge Veranda Cabins - $900-$1000 Interesting
Alumni Facts #6 - MA in World Mission
and Evangelism: 197 #8 - MA in Theological Studies: 119 #9 - MA in Christian
Leadership: 109 #7 - MA in Biblical Studies: 120 M/F = 92/8 M/F = 31/69 M/F = 34/66 M/F = 69/31 M/F = 60/40 M/F = 93/7 M/F = 61/39 M/F = 82/18 #10 - MA in Youth Ministry: 80 M/F = 55/45 MA in Christian Education and MA in Counseling have more female than male graduates Top Ten Denominations: #1 UMC - 52%

#2 Free Methodist - 8.5%

#3 Wesleyan - 6%

#4 Nondenominational - 5%

#5 C&MA - 3% #5 - MA in Christian
Education: 237 #6 Nazarene - 2%

#7 Independent - 1.27%

#8 Unknown - 1.11%

#9 Church of God Anderson - 1.07%

#10 Baptist - 1.06% M/F = 79/21 M/F = 83/17 M/F = 68/32 M/F = 84/16 M/F = 86/14 M/F = 86/14 M/F = 84/16 M/F = 80/20 M/F = 74/26 M/F = 77/23 Year Yes No Total
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