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Human Genetics 03022016

No description

Christopher Horras

on 29 February 2016

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Transcript of Human Genetics 03022016

Human Genetics
March 2nd, 2016
p53, pRb, Brca1, and Brca2
Class Activity 7
Answer the following on a sheet of paper:

1. What is cancer?

2. What is a tumor suppressor gene?

3. Why might a mutation in the gene for Retinoblastoma protein result in cancer?

4. Why might a mutation in the gene for p53 result in cancer?

5. Which types of cancer often involve mutations in the genes for either Brca1 or Brca2?

6. If a mutation is inherited, in which type of cell did the mutation exist in the parent?

Rb Gene Locus
p53 Gene Locus
Brca1 Gene Locus
Brca2 Gene Locus
Act out cell cycle regulation by Rb and p53
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