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3D Animated Cartoon using Blender

Generating animated images by using computer graphics software (Blender ).

Ahmed Mohamed

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of 3D Animated Cartoon using Blender

3D Animated Cartoon using Blender Animation is the rapid display of a sequence of images to create an illusion of movement. Animation A series of pictures that vary gradually from one page to the next, so that when the pages are turned rapidly, the pictures appear to animate A series of images using sand. Sand Animation Stop Motion A screen filled with movable pins, which can be moved in or out by pressing Pinscreen Animation Flip Book Manipulating slow-drying oil paints on sheets of glass. Gouache mixed with glycerine. Paint-on-glass Animation Physically manipulated
object appear to
move on its own. Puppet Animation The manipulation of puppets. It is very ancient, and is believed to have originated 3000 years BC. Clay Animation Each frame, or still picture, is recorded on film or digital media and then played back in rapid succession Cutout Animation Producing animations using flat characters, props
and backgrounds cut from materials such as paper,
card, stiff fabric or even photographs. Silhouette Animation Animation in which the characters are
only visible as black silhouettes Blend stop-motion characters or objects with live actors Model Animation The use of live humans as stop motion characters Pixilation Generating animated images by using computer graphics. Computer Animation Animation figures that are created and/or edited on the computer using 2D 2D Computer Animation Animation that digitally modeled and manipulated by an animator. 3D Computer Animation Variety of visual material without camera input through the use of internal video pattern generators Analog computer animation(Scanimate) A form of animation which uses Microsoft PowerPoint and similar programs PowerPoint Animation An animated film which is created using Adobe Flash or similar animation software. Flash Animation The first feature-length film to be created and rendered entirely using 3D graphics. Toy Story (1995) Blender is a free and open-source 3D computer graphics software product used for creating animated films, visual effects, interactive 3D applications or video games. Blender 3D modeling
UV unwrapping
Rigging and skinning
Fluid and smoke simulation
Particle simulation
Match moving
Camera tracking
Video editing and compositing.
Built-in game engine. Blender's Features
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