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Whispering Spirit

No description

Alberta Prezi

on 5 October 2018

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Transcript of Whispering Spirit

We Are

45 radio stations across 5 provinces
21 community web portals
7 community apps
We provide a hyper-local focus to our markets
Reach in the Badlands

Marketing Funnel
Consistency + Frequency + Message =
Market Share
Consistency - Seeing/ hearing it enough times

Frequency - Seeing/ hearing it regularly enough

Message - Showing/ saying the right thing
47,000 people in our Trading Area
DrumFM is the voice of our community
DrumhellerOnline.com - 1,400,000+ pages of content viewed annually
Market Potential

Number of people in our trading area.

The average adult drinks 3 cups of coffee a day.
1,095 per year

Average cost of a large McDonald's coffee

Annually if one person got all their coffee from McDonald's that would be
$1,916.25 annually

If we could get
of our trading area to come to you
$900,637.50 in Revenue annually

Advertising Increases Sales
Stay top of mind before a clients decides to buy coffee
Appreciated team members work more efficiently

Advertising Can Differentiate You
Celebrating your team builds a personal relationship with our community

Brand Awareness
Creating a family orientated destination and positive work environment

Competitive Advantage
Why Advertise

Your Competitive Advantage:

Nationally recognized name
Mobile app with consistently strong offers
Teamwork oriented atmosphere
Strong local fundraising presence
Fast drive-through

Celebrate Employees and encouraging
customers to trying something new

Home Big Box #2

Drum FM
Annual 11 AM News Liner
December Promoting Christmas
January/ February Brewed Awakening
June/July/August Iced Awakening

Annual investment
Market Share
A Sound Partnership!

Marketing Plan
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