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Healthy Aging

No description

Eromata Ebwe

on 26 May 2010

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Transcript of Healthy Aging

Double click anywhere & add an idea Healthy Aging
Fighting Strategies Stronger & better health Statistics
WHO expected 52% increase in population age 85 and over from 1990-2000.
Current figures???? Health Issues:
-Heart disease
-Diabetes Chiropractic Care
-Helps slows disease processes Focus:
-Brain, spinal cord & nerves
-The BODY AS A WHOLE! Chiropractors target the CAUSE of disease. Common issues:
-Achy fingers
-Achy knees
-Achy ankles etc...
Our Goal:
To restore movement in a slow and controlled manner. Exercise in conjunction will help the aging process.

-Help Improve function
-Decrease pain Osteoporosis
-Decreases bone density loss in postmenopausal women
-Decreases hip and vertebral fractures
-Decreases risk of falling Neuropshychologic health
-Improves quality of sleep
-Improves cognitive function
-Improves short term memory
-Decreases rate of depression (improves Beck depression scores.)
Specific Conditions &
Benefits of Chiropractic Care Our Mission for your health:

ReNew Visit us at:

ReNew Health
9000 Park Place
Tobe Determined, USA 10101

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