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Home is a Place Called Nowhere

A book

lexii smith

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Home is a Place Called Nowhere

Home is a Place Called Nowhere Alexis 8Fw(B) Summary Home is a place called nowhere The author of Home is a place called nowhere is
Leon Rosselson. Leon Rosselson is 78 years old his birthday is 22nd June 1934. Hes from England. Leon Rosselson writes books for children and also writes children songs. He wrote other books such as Pumpkins down fall and Rosa's singing grandfather. This type of book is children's literature. I picked
this book because it sounds different and looks wierd. This book was made in 2002. Its about a girl and she ran away from her home. She wonders around and meets a stranger called Paul. Paul and her become friends. Paul lets her stay over till her mum finds her. She tells Paul a lot of stories about her self. One day she got kidnapped by 2 men and the men were gonna ask her question but she escaped. She tired to avoid telling Paul what happen but Paul wondered where she has been during the day. Paul got mad at first for her not telling him what happen but after she explains what happened he get less mad. then she tell him more stories about her self. She meet her aunt Victoria her aunt takes her back home to her parents. She is about to meet her mum again but she is nervous because she is scared of what gonna happen to her for running away. But happy because she misses her family. Book Info Author Favorite Part My favorite part is when these guys kidnap her to ask her questions but she escapes out a window in the toilet. THE END My opinion i think this book is a good book. i like this book because its mysterious and interesting and not hard to read . i would recommend this book. i would rate the book 7 out of 10 Short Summary This book is about a girl named Anina that runs away but she doesn't remember much of her life. She meets a guy called Paul and she tells Paul story's about her life of what she can remember. She stays at his house till she finds her mum and dad.
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