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D1: Evaluate the responsibilities of different levels of levels of Government

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Aidan Baird

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of D1: Evaluate the responsibilities of different levels of levels of Government

"The Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 (CRoW Act) requires highway authorities to have regard for the needs of people with mobility problems. In addition, the Disability Discrimination Act, 1996 (DDA), directs service providers to take reasonable steps to ensure disabled people are able to make use of a service."

This is a requires the County Council to allow for access to every where for every one,this is a very significant responsibility of the County Council as if it were not in action then people with certain disabilities would not be able to do many things of which does not allow for equality and over all happiness. I believe that the Abingdon council do well as from what I can tell people are given all the transport possibilities of the rest of us.
Improving access for all
County Council
Central Government
European Government
"Ensuring the surfaces are in reasonable condition, including the control of natural vegetation. In practice few field paths receive routine maintenance, and walkers should be prepared to use boots or wellingtons in poor weather."

This and access for all fall into the category of accessibility as it's about paths that will need to be used by many people. making it rather significant as they have to try and keep an as constant as possible high standard of path ways excluding most field path ways. From what I can tell our Council do rather well as I have no complaints about our path ways.
Keeping path surfaces in good condition
"Signing all footpaths, bridleways and byways where they leave a metalled road Some might also display a destination and distance information. There is additional signage en route, guiding users of the rights of way across the countryside. These are yellow topped, wooden waymarker posts and coloured waymarker discs indicating the path direction."

This is less significant than other obligations of the council in this modern day but it is useful as it allows for rather easy navigation if you know vaguely where you are but could be better but that'd be a very hard task to do. I also believe that the Abingdon council has fufilled what is required of them for this area.
The responsibility of maintaining most bridges and culverts on natural watercourses lies with the County Council. In order to allow easy and safe use in all weather conditions, most bridges are covered with anti-slip material and handrails are provided where a drop either side of the bridge is seen to be a potential hazard.

This is as well as most of the other obligations of the County Council are for safety and public happiness. the upkeep of bridges is very significant as if they deteriorate people to little or no fault of their own can be harmed. not that is not the case with other safety concern but this is must more significant.
"In order to fulfil their obligation to maintain certain stiles and gates in good order, landowners and farmers can apply for a grant towards the cost of repairing or replacing furniture that is on the line of a right of way."

This is more of a plainly aesthetic and functional part of the county council as it only requires the upkeep of land owner's and farmer's property if it is used by the public (to the best of my knowledge).
This means that this is not incredibly significant in most cases. But should not be over looked as it can do a lot to to up hold pride in a town.
Giving grants
The central Government conducts most, if not all of the diplomatic endeavors of the U.K. This means that they deal with things such as national security. This is done by making agreements via pacts and treaties.

This is very significant as it is the first resort to keeping the peace. (to the best of my knowledge) And is seemingly done very effectively in the UK
D1: Evaluate the responsibilities of different levels of Government


Public Well being
The Government have to keep the general populace happy in order to not incite unrest and possibly cause a revolt. and just being generally a good country and that people would like to migrate to.

I can't speak for everyone but I believe that the UK go to great lengths to keep the general populace happy. We have things such as the NHS that is seemingly taken for granted (but does have some down falls) we have a system that I believe responds well to public complaints and makes amendments where they see fit.
Economic development or stabilisation
The Central Government are taking measures in order to hopefully recover after the recession and this is done by making pay cuts and strategically using money in order to make money back.
One of the European Governments responsibilities are to protect the peace that we've generally come accustomed to in our very self corner of the world.
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