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France Modern Trip Final

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Julia Tanenbaum

on 4 June 2012

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Transcript of France Modern Trip Final

Experience France By Julia Tanenbaum
Jesse Sanchez
and Rita Chang Day one 8:30pm Leave LA from LAX
11:30 AM Arrive in France
at Charles De Gaulle Airport You will stay in a youth hostel right in the center of Paris. Your first stop is home to a museum dedicated to the military history of France. Some of the artifacts housed here include... Part of Napoleon's hat collection
As emperor he wore a different hat every month! Artillery including cannons, guns and more
with pieces from periods ranging
from the 16th century to the world wars Ancient Arms and Armour
from the 13th-17th centuries After lunch, you will get to see
the most famous part of les Invalides
The Emperor Napoleon's tomb! Entrance fee to the museum and tomb is 6 Euros per person
8 different guided tours, along different lines : historical, thematic or artistic are included. At 3:00 you will eat lunch at Fontaine de Mars.
20 Euros per person Then you will eat at the youth hostel, and rest for day 2. Day 2 We'll begin the day with a traditional French breakfast of

Pain au chocolat and cafe (coffee) for 3 Euros per person Then you will take a self-guided walking tour to see some of the most famouus places in Paris. You'll start your walk at the Pont Neuf ("New Bridge") which is actually more than 400 years old, and the oldest bridge in Paris. Next you will head towards the Conciergerie. This palace was an infamous prison during the French Revolution, and "was the last address before the guillotine for Marie-Antoinette and some 2,700 others." (National Geographic) Next you will see the 13th century church Sainte-Chapelle which has 16 huge stained glass windows that illistrate more than 1000 biblical scenes. Next you will visit the Memorial of the Deportation, which contains 200,000 beads of glass to represent the French men, women, and children who perished in the Nazi concentration camps. The memorial was intentionally designed to be claustrophobic, but a light at the end of the long, narrow tunnel symbolizes hope. The cathedral is free of charge and welcomes anyone to come! The Cathedrale is a fantastic sight it to see in its beauty and rich history, a huge tourist destination! After visting the Ice Cream shop, you will walk along the Seine River to the next destination, the Louvre Museum. The Lourve is a famous museaum that contains some of the greatest masterpieces in the world. You will take a "thematic trail" tour which is a pathway or trail in the muesuum that pertains to a certain theme. The Louvre Museum offers a variety of enriching, exciting trails that are generally classified into certain artists, time periods, or type of art. After an enriching tour, you find yourself needing to find some delicious food. Not to worry! France has options unique to its culture and talent. Although, for now, we will go with some delicious authentic French crepes. Sold commonly in the streets by vendors! After dinner, your day is over. You will take the metro back to your hostel, and get some rest preparing for the next wonderful day. Next you'll get a reward for all of the walking- Ice cream from Berthillon- a sweet treat that only costs 4 Euros.

This icecream shop is well known for it's fresh homemade icecream and sherbert with no added preservatives, chemical and even no added sweetners.
This shop opens Wednesday through Sunday from 10 am at 20 h. uninterrupted and closed Monday and Tuesday. The Louvre houses 35,000 works of art
You may see some of these famous pieces... Day 3 Day 4 Versailles First thing:
Visit the Palace of Versailles! You can also happily purchase guided tour given by lecturers from the national museums, which will admit you to the private apartments of the kings, queens and high-ranking nobles.(7 euros) Opens from 9 to 6:30 pm ..... HAHAHA XD ..uhhh Have FUN :) How you will get there?
Well, you simply take the RER C. It goes evry 15-20 minutes from central Paris to Versailles.(6 euros) Y S Spend All day looking at the Versailles Palace. Chantilly Senlis La Passacaille pizzaria Day 5 You'll begin the day with a cruise on the Seine river
This is a fantastic way to see the sights of Paris for only 11 Euros. After your cruise, you'll take a walk to the centre Pompidou, a museum of modern art. During your visit to the Palace of Versailles,
there are many tours you can go on. One particular tour is Marie-Antoinette's Estate. "In her Trianon domain, which Louis XVI gave her in 1774, she found the heaven of privacy that enabled her to escape from the rigours of court etiquette. Nobody could come there without her invitation."(Marie-Antoinette's estate - Palace of Versailles) This place in particular, have gathered tourists from all over the world to come and see this fascinating estate. The museum has one of the most important collections of modern art in the world with over 59,000 works. The square in front of the Centre Pompidou contains first modern fountain in Paris. The fountain has several kinetic sculptures, designed by Niki de Saint Phalle and Jean Tinguely. It covers art movements such as fauvism, abstract art, surrealism and cubist art. Some of the featured artists include Matisse, Kadinsky, Miró and Picasso Next, you'll walk along Champs Elysees, a famous street with many shops and restaurants. The menu features specialities like 'Passion F1' ice-cream.
Set-price menus: euros 24.50 - euros 29.50. A la carte:euros 50
Brunch (Sundays, from midday until 4pm): euros 25 Take the Metro to Chantilly!
In Chantilly you can find many things to do such as looking at the château.
7 euros per person for admission to the château, museum, and park. And you'll eat dinner at Atelier Renault, a French Bistro that overlooks the avenue. You'll end the day by visiting the famous The Arc de Triomphe, which honours those who fought and died for France in the French Revolutionary and the Napoleonic Wars, with the names of all French victories and generals inscribed on it. You will also want to see the beautiful rustic farm of Hameau de la Reine, where Marie pretended to have a simple life of a farmer, which later earned her critisism for being frivolous during the revolution. While you're there, you will want to visit some famous attractions like the hall of mirrors. Another place you might want to go is the Royal Stables. If you plan to go at the right time, you can even get into a royal horse show. A Passport ticket costs only 18 euros :) This passport allows you to discover all of the palace! And the gardens Then you'll get a quick and inexpensive meal at the Macdonalds on Champs de Eyleses, and head back to the youth hostel Day 6 Sadly, the trip must eventually end, but there's time for a little fun before going home. Welcome to the château of Chantilly. Every two years, in June, the "Nuits de Feu" international fireworks competition is held in the château's garden. The château is also well known for the gardens, paintings and even for holding special ocassions such as concerts and weddings. For your last meal in France, you will have a traditional breakfast of delicious bread. Poilane is one of the most popular bakeries in France, and there are over 75 Poilanes in Paris alone. Here you can buy breakfast in the form of delicious french made bread. Split between you and your group the cost could range from 30-45 Euros. Senlis Then have lunch at Aux Gouters Champetres. (16 euros per person) Shortly after you will catch a taxi back to your hostel and arrive there around 9am. From there, you'll pack your things and gather everything you bought, suitcases and all. It’s time to say goodbye! You’ll catch your LAST taxi back to Charles de Gaulle airport (this should be quite expensive, from 75-100 Euros). You’ll arrive at the airport sometime along 10-1030. From there we’ll wait an hour until 11:35, when your flight leaves. After the hour comes, you will board the flight and say Goodbye to Paris France. We’ll arrive in LAX at 7:05pm. Senlis is a medevil town Senlis fell under the ownership of Hugh Capet in 981. Explore the Senlis by using a 45 minute audio-tour for 3.80 euros per person. La Passacaille pizzaria This amazing two-floor restuarant specializes in Italian Pizzas, pastas and much more. It has a beutiful garden opened when sunny.
(9.90 per person)
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