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What is the lifestyle of an Emperor Penguin?

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Talisha Nichols

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of What is the lifestyle of an Emperor Penguin?

What is the lifestyle of an Emperor Penguin?
Where and how do Emperor Penguins sleep?
Emperor Penguins sleep in a nest of rocks standing up. They stay half awake to look out for predators.
one short clip...
Why is an Emperor Penguin called an Emperor Penguin?
The Emperor Penguin is called an Emperor penguin because it is the worlds biggest penguin.
How do Emperor Penguins catch their food?
Most Emperor Penguins zig-zag through the water to their food and can swim up to 50 kilometers an hour while doing it! They can swim up to 1755 feet or deeper, and can hold their breath for 18 minutes while they catch their food.
How do Emperor Penguins look after their Young?
Why are Emperor Penguins Endangered?
Emperor Penguins are not in great danger of being extinct but are still endangered because of the fishing around Antarctica which shortens their food supply, and the pollution in the ocean.
What do Emperor Penguins Eat?
Emperor Penguins eat
* Krill
* Fish
* Shrimp
* Crustaceans and
*Cephalopad (squid)

Did You Know...
Emperor Penguins huddle together in the winter to keep warm and take in turns of being in the middle.
Emperor Penguins look after their young by keeping them warm, feed them the food they need to survive every 2 weeks and are attentive to the baby chick. The male penguins look after them when the female penguin is hunting and the baby penguins are only looked after for 5 months then are ready to go out into the ocean.
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