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Genre Plays

No description

Coco Vernon

on 9 October 2018

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Transcript of Genre Plays

Silent Reading Expectations
1. Engaged in your book
2. Voices Off
3. Take an AR quiz when you finish a book!
Expectations for Leaving the Classroom:
Pack up all materials.
Throw out any garbage/recycling.
Wipe eraser bits off the desktop.
Stand behind your tucked in chair until the bell rings.
If we do not succeed, we do not leave on time.
Small Groups!
Borrow the example Genre Play from the center of the desk.
Read it quietly to yourself for 2 minutes.
Purpose for Reading:
What genre is this?
How do you know?

Go to Google Classroom
Open "Genre Plays"
Share the document with every member of your group
THEN: Clamshell
Record your genre and situation here...
Clamshell when it's not your turn.
Read this aloud as a table group.
Clamshell when you're finished.
You have 20 minutes of work time.
HW Packet to INBOX!
Overall Binder Check Today
1. Pencil Pouch with:

2. Planner
3. Dividers for each class
4. No loose papers
2-3 pencils
1 highlighter
1 pen
Anything else you love or desire
SILENT READ during binder check
Everyone should click on the HELP SLIDESHOW
Scroll to the slide that matches your genre. Read about that genre.
Everyone else! Open the document that was shared with you... Then clamshell
Sign into your mail or
Google Classroom
and get settled.
Today is the last day for in class writing.
Genre Play presentations
are this Friday.

Presenting your play is optional.
Grades will count toward your Speaking and Listening (20%).
I am absent tomorrow.
One of my favorite substitutes will be here, Mr. Smelser.
All classes with entirely positive reports earn 20 minutes of free time
(Netflix, playing on phones, UNO games)
Sit with your small group
HW Packet to INBOX!
Sit at your small group table.
HW Packet to INBOX!
Sit at your small group table.
HW Packet to INBOX!
Sit at your small group table.
HW Packet to INBOX!
Silent read when the bell rings
Silent read when the bell rings
Silent read when the bell rings
-Silent Read or take an AR Quiz
- Revise your Storytime Narrative
1. Open your Storytime Narrative.
- Read Ms. Vernon's Comments

2. Sign into Student Vue.
- Check your Narrative grade
- Check your Word Count grade
1. A Series of Unfortunate Events
2. Minions
3. Find Dory
4. Disney Short Films
5. America's Funniest Home Videos
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