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Badir's Forms System Project

Rawan H

on 3 January 2013

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Transcript of SummerTraining-2012

{ Rawan Hesnawi 2012 Badir hw & sw project
involved work environment Outline Presented By Small description about the company
Project involved
Job description
Technical skills gained
SW & HW have been used
Challenges and Difficulties
Feedback on the work environment is a Technology Incubator Program launched by KACST in 2007.
It is a national program aimed at accelerating the growth of emerging technology based businesses in Saudi Arabia. BADIR The BADIR program is open to all Saudi Arabian technology entrepreneurs who have an early-stage technology based business, prototype, or proof of concept product or service that can benefit from incubation. Badir's Incubator ICT information and communications technologies BIO bio-technologies AMI advanced manufacturing and materials technologies NANO-technology Energy sectors Project Management Office
(PMO) I worked under PMO unit as a web developer and analyst. Technical
skills gained Dell Desktop Computers, Mac Book Pro, Lase Printer, Windows 7, Microsoft office word 2011, Notepad++, Photoshop CS5 , Wufoo web application, phpMyAdmin 3.4.5, Xampp 2.5, Codiqa web application, Gliffy web application and Balsamiq 2.1.20. The system intends to transfer paper forms into electronic forms and develop it as a web based application that can be accessed through the company’s website. Forms System Project: The main system functions are Log-in to the interface and Log-out.
Send forms.
Calculations the days in forms.
Attach files to forms.
Print forms.
Track requested forms.
View forms.
Record previous requested forms. Notification whenever a requested form has been accepted or rejected.
Notification of incoming form requested by a staff.
Verify form (Approve or Disapprove).
Add new staff to the system.
Delete existing staff from the system.
Change staff's privileges (position and department). Task 1: Customers interview and Gathering requirements.
Task 2: Preparing project planning document.
Task 3: Preparing system design document.
Task 4: Creating Database.
Task 5: Building the forms and their related processes.
Iplement Administrator's Interface:
Task 6: Implementing "Add staff" page.
Task 7: Implementing "Delete Staff" page.
Task 8: Implementing "Change Privileges" page.
Task 9: Developing Mobile version.
Task 10: Testing the system.
Task 11: Presenting the system.
Task 12: SharePoint.
Task 13: Attending workshop. benefit from and reuse an existing material and make it suitable for my need and I also improved my programming skills.
establish a basic understanding of a real system and how to analyze the data.
implement Ajax within a PHP page and how it helps change the content without changing the page
create dynamic pages using Mobile jQuery. Challenges-
Difficulties The hugeness of the system data, I was
the abundance of tables in the verification process.
the system contained lots of pages related to each other. So, any changes on them may cause consecutive changes. We dealt with it by being careful and patient when we attempted to do the testing process.
The main issue was that the time for doing this task was limited, thus, we had to submit the final project after a short period. I learned how to:
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