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Cecilia's Akzo Journey

No description

Bo Snel

on 17 February 2017

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Transcript of Cecilia's Akzo Journey

Cecilia's Akzo Journey
And the years went by...
And Cecilia got to know AkzoNobel inside out. Finance, Marketing, Industrial Chemicals, Decorative Paints, you name it and Cecilia has been there...

But then, the most amazing time at AkzoNobel was of course when she started with the:
With a "
" manager like JJ, the GMDO quickly grew in many ways.
More work
, more interns, more projects, more contracts, more work, new office, more work, new name... and
was born!
And there were more...
Aproveite o Brasil!!!
Once upon a time...
There was a girl named Cecilia. Cecilia was young and ambitious and full of international vibes. With Brazilian and Swedish roots, now that's an interesting combination!
When she was very, very young Cecilia got a job at AkzoNobel in Malmö, Sweden. After a few years, Cecilia and hubby made the wise decision to move to the country that makes the world go round.

The Netherlands, with the beautiful cities, tulips, cheeses, beaches, Queensday (or Kingsday), stamppotten, stroopwafels, and many great colleagues you wouldn't want to live without after you've had a taste of it.

Being a corporate accountant in Arnhem is
not really going to make anyone happy, so
you needed to add some fun at work..
YAN Board 2006
So this is 11 years ago... With Cecilia still looking like 26 now, child labour must have been no problem when she started with Akzo in Sweden...?
From Sweden to the Netherlands
Global Master Data Organization
Community Event 2015
With the GMDO team you helped brighten up the refugees' lives a bit by painting the shelter. Such a small team at the time!!
Charlotte de Jonge
The first thing that
comes to my mind when I
think about Cecilia is the fact
that she is driving around in her
car with
CD license plates
, as if she is a diplomat, with privileges she didn't actually deserve!

Maybe it was karma that she

crashed that big car into the wall
of the parking garage
in Hoofddorp...
"I really hope we'll keep in touch after you've moved to Brazil. It's a big move and I'm sure you'll get the best out of it. You're a wonderful person, you deserve only the best.
Enjoy every second of your new adventure!
And please drop me a line when you are visiting the Netherlands, I'll sure do the same if I'm in São Paulo.

Até logo cara Cecilia, se cuide! Eu vou sentir saudades de você..."

Claire Mattiussi
She had planned an hour with me and we realized 5 minutes before the end that we hadn't touched any work-related subject. I remember thinking "
what a nice lady
, I really hope she joins us!" And she did!
You were a
great mentor and coach
for me and my time at Akzo would not have been the same without you.
I am sad to see you leave the 'tulip and cheese' country, but I am sure that you will master the new challenge ahead of you. I wish you all the luck for your new adventure and
I hope you won’t forget your first of many GMDO/ DMRA interns.
To the
best manager ever
"Thanks for being the guide for the shadow on your right corner and keep the path of
bloody Mercury
lightened for him (that is me not Rui sorry) and I hope everything will be great for you and your family!"

Dear Cecilia,

I hope you have lots of
feijoada and pão de queijo
! Send some over here (the latter, at least).

And I’m looking forward to seeing you in the
front page during Rio’s Carnival
, hehe!

I wish you the best in your
great new adventure!
Muitos éxitos


example of politeness and delicacy.

Only positive wishes for Cecilia in a warmer Brazil!"

Giorgina Noordeloos
for guiding and supporting me during my time in your team.
I appreciated your
and the way you were always able to
help and listen
. I hope Sao Paolo will be adventurous and amazing. Don't be surprised when I'll show up one day. I won't bring any
peanut butter
though :)
Wish you all the best!

"My first impression of Cecilia was so kind and nice, I wish I could work longer with her. I wish you will have a wonderful life in Brazil and enjoy every moment!"
It was nice to meet you
even though het was:
kort maar krachtig
(as the dutch say).
I want to wish you good luck in Brazil full of adventures and fun. As for the rest I want to thank you for granting me with the opportunity of a new task.
Best wishes and luck,

Dear Cecilia,
Since the early stages of the then-called GMDO it’s been a great pleasure working with you. You’ve been a consistently awesome team member and a
pillar of the DMRA
. You’ve always been very approachable and easy to work with. Looking at the colleagues that you trained and the rollout achievements, you clearly leave behind a
legacy to be proud of
. I wish you all the best for the Brazilian adventure ahead and please do forget about us once you’re bronzing on your new roof terrace with an ice-cold Caipirinha! J

And the team grew...
"Fun Fact:
Did you know Cecilia is fluent in Traditional Mandarin Chinese??"
Yiling Zhang
Dear Cecilia,

Thank you for the
we did together
mainly the
we’ve had. I hope you will have a great time in Brasil. If you don’t find work quickly you can always have a second baby… ;)


Cheers from the cutest AN couple!
P.S. Where is Kimmo?
Dear Cecilia,
Even though I left the team already, I am writing you a short goodbye message. It was a great pleasure to be a colleague of you in the DMRA! You were a
stable factor
in the team,
training all those youngsters
while at the same time trying to actually get the work done. I will remember your positive energy and your
everlasting smile
, and I know you will be missed in the DMRA.

This is a picture of my farewell party, I am waving you goodbye as you can see.
All the best with your new adventure and I am sure you and your family will be happy in the vibrant Brazil!

"I remember during my interview with you and JJ, it was serious and in the same time hilarious. There was a moment we were teasing JJ with our upfront agreement on
similar dress code
color combination. AkzoNobel will lose such a
vital asset
as you have been for such a long time. However I believe, it is all going for the best for you!
You will be missed!"
Dear Cecilia,

I still remember my first day in the office and the warm welcome you, Claire and Elisa gave me! I
enjoyed all our chats
about food, cooking, traveling, kids, nannies, sports and more of that ‘ girly nothing’ ;) We did not work too much together but I always
valued your
stability, honesty and humor
We had some really really good laughs!
I admire the step you and your family are
taking to move to Brazil and build a new life
over there. I wish you all the best!
Hopefully we keep in touch and maybe even continue meeting together with Claire! Who knows, maybe next time it is me that need the advice ;)

"I remember going through the balloon assortment of all ‘feestwinkel’ webshops in The Netherlands with you to find the best looking
Hello Kitty balloons
for Kitti’s birthday. As it was also Alexandra’s birthday, we decided to buy ‘
Ukrainian balloons
’ in the colours of the flag as well. Unfortunately he balloons arrived one day late so we could not use them – luckily your daughter loves Hello Kitty and it’s a good coincidence that the colours in the flag of Ukraine are the same as those in the Swedish flag!"

Dear Cecilia, I am very sad that you are leaving the team, but I can’t blame you. Adventure, warm weather and caipirinha’s in Brazil versus cow shit, soup leftover croquettes and shitty weather in SSH – I would do the same. I hope your daughter has passed her interview and cutting/pasting skill assessment and has been offered the position at the school, but knowing her mom I am quite sure she is a natural!Enjoy Brazil to the fullest and stay the same kind, funny and cheerful person as you are!
I hope you are leaving your car behind
in The Netherlands. I am surprised I came out of it without any
fungal infections
and I do not want you to cause a deadly inflectional disease throughout Brazil!
Once during lunch, Cecilia discussed the smell of
warm breast is really attractive

(to babies), loudly on the table. And that discussion is has been deeply imprinted in my head…
On our DMRA community event to the shelter place in Noord Amsterdam, I called Cecilia in the morning asking if she is lost, as she is late and that usually means she gets lost. Luckily she wasn’t, by that time, yet. She was in her daughter’s school and will be later. After half an hour, as I have expected, Cecilia called me that
she is lost

Hi Cecilia,
For around 1,5 years I had the pleasure working with you. You were already part of the DMRA when I joined and been there for quite some time. As your family has found new opportunities in Brazil it is
unfortunate for DMRA
that you also are going to leave us. You brought a lot of
positive energy
within the team and the new comers could learn a lot from your master data and business experiences. JJ has a hard task finding a good replacement for you.
I also liked to
share our experiences
with our daughters as having almost the same age.
I would like to wish you and your family all the best in Brazil and also in finding a nice job for yourself. And you will never know what future brings. Possibly our careers cross again in case AkzoNobel Brazil has something nice for you
Lots of love,
Your famous Rootor aspirine, which kills every headache
Your Swedish flags during the international team lunch
The picture of you on the shoulders of Pascal during a concert
Sharing daughter experiences and discussing when you should be ‘angry’ on your daughter… which is not when she is
herself in the back of a car
Finding our way through Haarlem to the yearly Akzo Deco beach event
“Hello Cecilia,

For ALLLL the two and a half years, it has been really nice to know you and work with you and will
miss seeing you around
But want to wish you a very enjoyable time in Brazil and wish you all the very best. Bye for now and enjoy!!!”-Jaya

- Your
first big complicated MDM project
aligning several functions in a not so easy or user friendly tool, you've build a standard that will serve Deco and potentially Akzo for many years to come
Customer and Fini MDG
- Rearranging the process design
Two eager and ambitious high potentials
are flourishing under your leadership
Personal growth
- It's not easy joining a new team with a scope that is not yours and a manager that prefers to stay at high level and leaves you to your thing. But you did great and that next step is now waiting for you just around the corner.
Go grab it girl!
You deserve it!
Sometimes a gift you get ends up on 'Marktplaats.nl' or is handed on do
wn the lin
e as birthday present for a vague far away related friend of a friend. Not the
gift I got from Stuart Rae

though. I've cherished that gift and would have loved to keep admiring it for years to come. See it grow and blossom and reach new levels every day. It was my pleasure having you around Cecilia!
Things To Be Proud Of
Things I'm going to miss
Your cheerfullness
- Your happy enthousiasm could
light up the entire room
and seeing you sitting on the shoulders of Pascal at the RHCP concert was just the best

My moral mirror
- I know my weaknesses, but I always appreciated
your moral view
you presented in cases where I tend to short cut reality or my personal blind spots
Team mother
- A team is a complicated organism with many needs. As team mother you played a vital role in the success of DMRA and I will miss this
underrated capability
Dear Small Big Boss,

After only 4 months working with me,
you already gave up working with me
. I guess it simply became too much. I expected that for sure, but not so quickly! I don't blame you though; I guess it’s tough for a (partly) Swedish person to work with the Dutch, as we have a very different approach to your famous expression ‘
’. Texting you while being in the bathroom and notifying you about it is very lagom for us. My version to lagom does not always suit you I suppose.

Luckily for you though, you’ll now be going to a much nicer place, where waiters have psychopath eyes and you cannot call in public due to a high risk of theft… just kidding! No worries, I know it’s a nice place and I’m 100% sure that you will love it. From my short experience I can tell that I have the feeling that the people are
very nice
, the food is
, the climate is
, and the language
As long as it’s enjoyed
behind a high fence

The 4 months that we’ve spent working together were months I really enjoyed. As I already told you several times, I think your
management style
is perfect in many ways.

In any way, I wish you a lovely time in your somewhat (50%) home country;), and I hope we do keep in touch. Would be nice to sometimes touch base and review some stuff if you’re open to that. Thanks for everything and do make sure you let us know when you get back to our little, ridiculous and after all surely lagom country!

Your soldier and of course also to you
always your G,

Oh Saint Cecilia!!
The time has come, you are going to leave us behind.... Thank you for all the fun we've had, the lessons you've taught and the advice you gave me..

I'll keep working on it

It was great working with you and without you I couldn't have grown from a recently-graduated
to a
junior almost somebody
who thinks she should have been CEO for at least half a year already.

Cheers, Bo
Hi Cecilia,

It has been great to know you as a colleague and as a person. You were among the first team mates I met at DMRA. Your cheerful spirit with
infectious laugh
will be remembered the most.
I wish you all the best in the new journey. May it bring great moments to your family and especially contribute to your daughter’s experience. Having international exposure at such a young age will be beneficial for her. I’m sure she will like it as she has an
amazing mom
who would give her the best things she can.

I hope to stay in touch with you and see you again someday.


Vintage Trouble @ Melkweg, Amsterdam
RHCP @ Ziggo, Amsterdam
Know what you are bringing you hubby to....
Hi Cecilia
Another piece of the puzzle is
leaving JJ’s mosaic
….this time for a once in a life opportunity to live the good life in Brazil rather than in the old continent….and Sassenheim in the specific.While practicing the samba I’m sure you will miss some of the fun stuff we have gone through during GMDO/ DMRA tenure:

How will you
not miss finding thank you notes
on your windshield
left by our security guys
praising you for the way you parked your car on a Monday morning..
How will you not miss the culinary delicatessen prepared by our Potmolen Chefs.
And many more...

PDM will come and go
(more go than come by the look of it), but the memories will remain…..
Thanks so much for the support, muito obrigado,
Trevlig resa and
Be safe
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