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MAKEUP! Today And Before!

Makeup is a big deal to some people. I personaly love makeup!

Aida Absalan

on 30 May 2011

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Transcript of MAKEUP! Today And Before!

MAKEUP! Some people like really outrageous makeup. This video is from one of Michelle Phan's contests called "Electric Zoo". Michelle Phan is a professional makeup artist who posts weekly video's on Youtube. This makeup tutorial is by a young girl named Charlene and it came in first place. I think she really deserved it. Now let's watch! Others might not like so much makeup and prefer to still wear it, but not as much. The makeup shown in this part of the Prezi was mostly modern day makeup. For the next part you will see and learn a bit more about the ancient makeup of a few different parts of the world! ANCIENT MAKEUP! Ancient egyptian makeup is the fist makeup I will start with. The Ancient Egyptians, both men and women, wore a lot of eye make up, rouge (a red powder used as cosmetics) and perfumed oils that softened the skin and prevented burning from the sun and damage from the sandy winds. Ancient Greek ladies did use cosmetics but very lightly. They liked light skin that looked like they stayed in the shade. Aphrodite was the goddess of love and beauty which is were the makeup trend started in Greece. today & before Egyptian makeup! Greek makeup! chinese makeup! In ancient China, especially in the Tang Dynasty, there were six steps in cosmetic makeup for the belles: powder base, applying color to the face, eye-brow darkening, applying, painting the dimples, decorating the cheeks and applying lip color. The important decoration of an Indian bride during her wedding day is the Indian bridal makeup that she wears to complement her outfit. Bridal makeup consists of thick applications of makeup. Indian makeup! One of the most important make-overs for some Indian women is they're bridal makeup. So in this little part I will talk about ancient Idian makeup! The main thing of Indian bridal makeup is the use of henna to decorate the hands of brides. Henna is a brown colored paste that is used to draw designs, usually floral, on the palms and back of the hands of traditional Indian brides. www.worldbookonline.com
www.kidshistory.com By: Aida Absalan My references: My pictures: google images THE END!
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