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Georgia's Role in the American Revolution

Georgia's role in the American Revolution

David Thomas

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Georgia's Role in the American Revolution

Georgia's Role in the Revolutionary War Elijah Clark Elijah Clarke was one
of the few heroes of the
Revolutionary War from
Georgia. He helped Georgia
in the Revolutionary war by
leading a group of rebels against a
group of 800 British soldiers and
won the battle. Austin Dabney Austin Dabney was a slave who became
a private in the Revolutionary War. It is believed
that he was the only black man in the Battle
of Kettle Creek. As a reward for his service,
he became the only African-American to be
granted land, 50 acres worth, by the state of
Georgia in recognition for his military service
during the Revolution. The Battle of Kettle Creek The Battle of Kettle Creek took place in February of 1779. It provided the Revolution with a victory, however small, in a string of long defeats. It proved to the British and Loyalists that the rebels could win. Nancy Hart Nancy Hart was a hero in The Revolutionary War. The legend is that 5 Tories came to her house shortly after the murder of John Dooley and demanded food from her. She gave them a bottle of whiskey, which they proceeded to get drunk on. As they drank, she sent her daughters to sound the alarm and stole the men's rifles. One of the men noticed and the group closed in on her. She shot and killed one, and held the others at gunpoint until help arrived. What do Button Gwinnett, Lyman Hall,
and George Walton all have in common? They were all governors of Georgia at
different times. As representatives, they all signed
the Deceleration of Independence. They all
attended the Second Continental Congress
together. Siege of Savannah A siege is a military action that occurs when forces try to capture a fortified fort or town by surrounding it (Cutting off supplies). The British won the siege and took control of Savannah(40 British died). Over 1,000 Americans(821 were French) died. Savannah was controlled by the British for 3 1/2 years. Tories/Loyalists
Patriots/Whigs Tories, or Loyalists, were colonists who were loyal
to the British. Patriots, or Whigs, wanted independence from Britain. Thank you for watching my Prezi!
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