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Ryan Ouyoumjian Resume


Ryan Ouyoumjian

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Ryan Ouyoumjian Resume

RYAN OUYOUMJIAN And I got involved! Pi Kappa Delta (President)
Executive Member of Resident Inter-Hall Congress
University Debate Team (Captain)
Arkansas Union Society (President)
University Student Congress
Young Democrats
Yocum Hall Student Govt.
Associated Student Govt. I can research just about anything at break-neck speed and
turn findings into compelling POV’s (written and spoken).

I can use digital to understand how people think and
then get them to think or do something different.

I can use my curiosity to ask insightful questions that
lead to solutions. Dean’s List Double Major, Political Science and Communications My Strategic Planning Mission EXPERIENCE EDUCATION My Desire To be a part of a dynamic organization who is leading the way in
collaborative methods,
consumer research
and creative thinking As a result: and was a volunteer high school debate coach. Being apart of a core group assigned by CEO to develop Campbell Ewald’s strategic positioning and process My Skills My Motto Hard work spotlights the character of people: some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, and some don't turn up at all. Associate Strategic Planner Strategic Planning Intern at Mullen Responsible for designing, fielding and analyzing proprietary research to fuel agency PR, win new business, and serve Clients
Helped Mullen's Frank About Women develop unique marketing-to-women insights via secondary and primary research. Shopper Insights Analyst, In Your Opinion, Inc. Gained an in-depth understanding of shopper marketing by interviewing thousands of people in-store about everything from fast food to office supplies Getting to Know Me 3/09 - 12/09 Publicis USA Dallas, Tx Summer, 2005 Winston Salem, NC Learned first-hand how to apply the principles and disciplines of Strategic Planning to communications 1/99 – 8/03 Dallas, TX Class of '08 Studied abroad in... Imagine Inspire My Goal Excel at painting a holistic picture of people (aka consumers) using both traditional and non-traditional research methodologies.

Collaborating with AS, Media and Creative teams, to massage insights into actionable ideas and initiatives, dead-on positionings and provocative creative briefs. Unlike what you may have read about my millennial peers, Throughout college, I worked full-time launching/running a successful restaurant, was a volunteer cordinator for the Mike Hawthorn, Lt. Governor election campaign That's me on the campaign trail I currently work as a freelance strategic planner at Mortar in San Francisco helping clients such as Italy Prague London Get In Touch ryanouyoumjian@gmail.com http://www.linkedin.com/in/ryanouyoumjian Coached these two from in state novices to national champions

Check out that hardware I am no stranger to hard work. Immerse What I’m most proud of... University of Arkansas 1st Place University of Arkansas Student Congress Delegate 2nd Place Student Congress Delegate 3rd Place Best Written Legislation ’04 2nd Place Best Written Legislation ’05 Freshmen Debater of the Year in ’03 – ’04 Most valuable member of U of A Debate Team ’04 – ‘05 Won IPDA nationals in 2005 8th place Speaker Award at Berkeley Tournament 2nd place at the University of Houston Tournament 1st place finish at the Purdue Tournament I learned to write.
I learned to communicate.
I won a lot of awards. I once sat outside of a starbucks for 3 days in the Texas summer heat to interview people as they came out! Trust me it was well worth it. Another time I was hired by Texas Health Department to sit in a DFW airport bathroom stall for 8 hrs, and count how many men washed their hands. It definitely made me wonder about shaking hands! Digital Conversation Trackers Chatitudes Trend Reports Evolving Media Broadcast Tracking Reports Brand Audits New Business Pitches Survey Construction Proprietary Research Presentation Development Creative Brainstorms A quick link to a one
page pdf version of my resume What I can contribute to... Click here to see my LinkedIn Profile Click here to quickly download a one page version of my resume But there is also a version at the end of my resume Hello & Welcome Solutions Planner At CE, I was responsible for guiding the strategic direction for USAA's wealth management and life insurance lines of business. Which included:
Writing creative briefs
Insight development
Maintaining strategic consistency
Encouraging collaboration opportunities
Discovering new business solutions But helping USAA is not my only contribution... I played an integral part in helping the agency win new business from the CDC.
Received Campbell Ewald’s “Big Thinker Award” for idea contributions to CE’s internal crowd sourcing forum
Received Campbell Ewald’s “Innovative Thinker Award” for developing solutions to onboard new USAA members
Selected to participate in Campbell Ewald’s CE3 program which recognizes future agency leaders To explore my resume, all you have to do is use the arrows at the lower right hand of your screen. Right arrow to move forward and left arrow to move backward. Thanks and please enjoy! http://tinyurl.com/cank2xm Fan Freedom Project, Battery Ventures, MB Inc. and Antenna Freelance Strategic Planner Swirl 06/11-11/11
Conducted research for clients such as Microsoft, Ebay's Milo and Lexar
Crafted strategic messaging and positioning for Red Laser Mortar 12/11-4/12
Gained approval for and executed positioning research for Fan Freedom
Contributing to brand development for a new small business management app http://tinyurl.com/cank2xm
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