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Ferrera M's Offensive Coach

No description

Incarnation Catholic

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Ferrera M's Offensive Coach

Playing High School Football
To play in the high school football league you need to have experience in playing football. In high school you have lots of training and weight training before, during, and after football season. It's a lot of work to play football in high school.
My hobbies
My hobbies are playing basketball and playing football. The reason why I like to those things is because it escape my mind from bad things or when I am mad.
Preparing for football carrier
Remember school always comes first before playing football in high school. You have to have good grades to play high school football. If you don't have good grades you can get cut from the team. If you keep up your grades while playing football in high school maybe you can play college, and if you do the same thing in college maybe you can play professional football and make money playing the sport.
supporting catholic faith
Ferrera M's Playing Football
To play football you have to train very hard and not give up. Some training would be lifting weights, running, pushing the sled, and other work outs.
I will support my Catholic faith by praying every day and going to church when I have a chance. Also I can help out the church and the community with my catholic faith.
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