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Pink Martini

No description

Lexi Harrison

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of Pink Martini

Pink Martini
1o facts About Pink Martini
1. The lead singers name is China Forbes.
2. Pink Martini was founded by Thomas M. Lauderdale.
3. They originated in Portland, Oregon.
4. They have been writing songs and performing since 1994, when they were created
5. Their debut song/album was Sympathique, which means sympathetic in English

10 facts About Pink Martini (con.)
6. There are 15 members in the band.
7. Their genres are jazz, latin, lounge music and classical.
8. Pink Martini has 6 albums out, with 82 songs.
9. Pink Martini has been making music from the year they were founded, 1994, to 2013. They are still working.
10. There are 7 former members of Pink Martini that have either retired, or quit the band.
My Favorite Song from Pink Martini
My favorite song from Pink Martini is "Sympathique" from their first album, "Sympathique." This in English literally translating to "Sympathetic."
Lyric Analyzing
To me, the lyrics from Pink Martini's "Sympathique" mean something other than their translation. To me, they mean that she doesn't want to do anything today, all she wants to do is smoke.
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