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(Week 5-6) Where Is Thumbkin?

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RnD 2 Learning&Co

on 27 April 2016

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Transcript of (Week 5-6) Where Is Thumbkin?

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Play with It
Have the students use their craft to act out the actions for 'Where Is Thymbkin?'. They could work in pairs and have their paper Thumbkins talk to each other.
How to do
1. Color and cut out the Thumbkin template.

2. Fold along the marked lines so that the fingers on the left hand-side fold backwards to form the back of the fingers. Fasten in place with adhesive tape.

3. Fold thumkin down and then fold the hand in front to 'close' into a fist. Thumbkin should now be hiding behind the fingers.
Sing this song with finger-play until the students get used to it.
Good Manners
Family Members
Singalong Actions
Introducing Yourself
'Get to Know You' Game
Use the 'Where is Thumbkin' rhymes as a 'get to know you' game, with the children taking turns to have their name substituted for Thumbkin's.

The individuals jump up when their name is called and respond to the groups request of 'How are you today, (name)?' with 'Very well, I thank you.' and then sit as the group sings 'Please sit down' in place of 'Run away'.
What should we do?
When you meet your friends, we should
In the classroom, we should
At the table, we should
When you ask and get something, we should
say 'hello, how are you?'.
say, 'please and thank you'.
say 'Give it to me'.
smile and listen to teacher.
chew with mouth closed.
eat greedily.
Make Mini-book
After listening this song, let each student stand up and say 'My name is ____, I am ____years old and I live in __________. bye~'
Talk about Manners with the students.
1. Print out the template for your students.

2. Have them write the words under the pictures.

3. Cut and staple the template to make a mini-book.

Fingers' names
Middle man
Ring man
Talk about Family Members
1. How many members are there in your family?

2. Who are they?

3. Who is your favorite?
My Family
1. Fold the Template and cut the shape of person.

2. Write the family members on the each person.

3. You can stand the family members.
Family Fingers
Sing along this song with the students.

After finishing the song, ask them the name of each finger.
template, scissors, colored pencils or crayons, adhesive tape
After watching the video, ask the students what the matter with the alligator is.
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