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If I Stay - Plot Diagram

No description

Kendall Courtney

on 3 January 2015

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Transcript of If I Stay - Plot Diagram

By:Kendall Courtney
If I Stay - Plot Diagram
Mia is the main character. She lives in Oregon with her dad, mom and brother. Mia plays the cello. Mia has a boyfriend named Adam.
Mia and her family get in a car accident. She Finds herself laying in the snow and looks around and she saw Teddy, her brother, and got up to go look at him and found out it was actually her. She sees herself but she is like a ghost. She is found and sent to the hospital.
Rising Action
As she sees herself in the hospital, she quickly goes to look at her family and finds out that they all died. She can see people visiting her and they all are asking her to stay. She does not know how.
While in the hospital, Mia is thinking about her whole life and most importantly, Adam. She wants to stay with her friends and Adam, but doesn't want to leave her parents and Teddy. Mia flashbacks and looks at the past and tries to decide if she will stay or not.
Falling Action
If I Stay By: Gayle Forman
Adam comes to the hospital and gives a long speech to
Mia about her and how much he wants her to stay alive. She suddenly gets all of these flashbacks and can feel and hear again normally. Adam says her name and she wakes up. The Novel is then finished.
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