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The Museum of Western Humanities

No description

Jason Wardrop

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of The Museum of Western Humanities

The Museum of Western Humanities Minoans 2000-1600 BC Sir Arthur Evans Beehive Tomb Micenae 1699-1200 The Greeks of the Trojan War Lions Gate Classical Greece 500-323 BC The Time of Athens Phidias- The Sculptor Hellensitic Era 323-146 BC If you don't have emotion,
you're not entirely human Republican Rome
509 BC- 31 AD Imperial Rome
31 AD- 476 AD The Roman Republic is Born Apartment Buildings Shopping Public Entertainment Home Insurance Fire Department Public Holidays Contrapposto Hellenic Era Fresco Bull Emotion Marcus Aurelius Apollo Belvedere Early Roman Christian
476-1000 AD Latin Cross Floor Plan Mosaics St. Appolinaire
in Ravenna, Italy Latin Cross Mosaic St. Appolinarius Justinian Emperor of Early
Roman Christian Era Romanesque Era
1000-1150 AD Bayeux Tapestry Giselbertus Battle of Hastings Giselbertus Flight into Egypt Eve Bayeux Tapestry Conicle Castles Gothic Era
1150-1348 Notre Dame Our Lady Rose Windows Verticality Lace in Stone Bibles of the Poor Stained Glass Rose Window Milan Cathedral Rennaissance
1348-1517 Leonardo Donatello Michelangelo Bramante Boticelli Pope Julius II Verrochio Leonardo Mona Lisa The David Michelangelo St. George Donatello
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