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1 level of my physical or non-physical enviornment

mr heicks project.

sierra arnold

on 15 September 2011

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Transcript of 1 level of my physical or non-physical enviornment

Sierra Arnold My physical enviornment Mr. Heick's
1st block Family Structure My family structure is very strong.
We do alot together, we spend more
time with eachother than most families
do. We have a lot of good times and
are always laughing. I love having a family
like mine. My family does more than a normal
family would. We talk about anything
and everything. Were not afriad of being
ourselves around eachother. We all support
and encourage eachother. We help out when
someone needs it. We have our fights but
were still a family and always will be. My family does everything together!
We go on trips and vacations every year.
We eat dinner together almost every night.
We shop together and so much stuff.
I'm with them alot, but I dont mind it, it's
actually pretty fun. People would usually be
embarassed if their family did things that
mine does, but I wouldn't ask for a better
family any day. My family is still a family.
My parents have been together for almost 20
years now and they still love eachother. It makes
it so much easier to be happy together. Me and
my brother both live with my parents. growing up
their was no switching back and forth between my
mom and dad, and I'm so happy that we were raised that way. If they weren't still together, I dont think me and my
brother and sister would be the way we are. Even though
my sister is moved out, will still talk to her and hang out with her to keep close. We grew up with two loving parents and no drama. Like I said, We have fights sometimes, but what family doesn't? We work them out and i wouldn't ever ask for a better family. My point is, a family has to
spend time together and care
for eachother. You have to
work hard to keep a good structure.
You have to be together and
understand what somebody needs.
Help them out, talk to them about
lots of things, and trust them.
Our society needs more families that
are happy and together like mine. The End... :D
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