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Within Word Pattern Stage

No description

Veronica Gutierrez

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Within Word Pattern Stage

Word Study:
Within Word Pattern Stage

Lesson:BLENDS Within Word Pattern Stage -Is a transitional stage between the beginning stage and intermediate stage of literacy development.
-Students usually found in the second, third and fourth grade classrooms.

Early Stage-In the early within word pattern stage, students know blends and digraphs and short vowels. Often experiment with silent letters that mark long vowels. Characteristics of Within Word Pattern Stage -Spells single-syllable short vowel words correctly

-Spells beginning consonant digraphs and two-letter consonant blends

-Attempt to use silent long vowel markers Characteristics of Within Word Pattern Stage -Read silently and with more fluency and expression
-Writes more fluently and in extended fashion
-Can revise and edit Reading Activities -Read-Alouds that help develop skill of context to learn the meaning of new words
Chapter books
Picture books
Informational books
-Guided Silent Reading
(SSR) Sustained Silent Reading
(DEAR) Drop Everything and Read
-Reading group time to share reactions to a selection Word Study Focus -Sort words by long and short vowel sounds and by common long vowel patterns

-Frequently exposure to:
less common vowels
Diphthongs- (oi, oy)
Ambiguous vowels- (ou, au, ow, oo)

-Examine triple blends and complex consonant units
-Explore homographs and homophones Blends
Lesson -Use daily writing, conferencing and publication
-Create a word study notebook with
Notes on word study lesson
Vocabulary words from reading
Homophones and homograph words with sentences and pictures illustrating the different meanings .
-Writing sorts
-Draw and label words Writing Activities Within Word Pattern Stage Demonstrate Two-Letter
Consonant Blends Activities -Demonstrate and explain two-letter blends using song and repetition Two-letter consonant blend activities -Have students work on these activities Check & Reflect -When all activities are complete, check them to see which ones are correct.Read words and answers to make sure they are in appropriate blends and use correct spelling
-Repeat the activity, go over the answers and reflect about the right answers and their sounds End of Lesson
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