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Higher Education

Tahais Martins

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of IM

Allows you to send text messages and files to other people via the Internet
Allows you to communicate with people who are online and using the same messaging tool at the same time as you When we communicate with others in person,
we communicate with more than words...
Facial expressions
Body language
Eye contact
Tone of voice
Emphasis on certain words
which helps others understand our message
As you can probably imagine, your words
on a screen can often be interpreted in
different ways - and not always the way
you intended!

Say these words several times to yourself, but put emphasis on a different word each time:

"THAT'S NOT WHAT I SAID." Good Point! Thanks:)

Yes, everything we type is going out
over the Internet. Even if we're
chatting with just one person, many
others can read your profile or
see if you are online. Allows instant communication between people
Transmits messages fast enough to allow natural flowing conversation
You can have simultaneous sessions with
mutliple people
Reduce the amount of email sent and received throught the day
The ability to give an answer to a simple question quickly. We cannot be as expressive as we can normally be when talking to someone face to face
Security Risks
Privacy Concerns

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