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Hill Harper

No description

ashley hunt

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of Hill Harper

Letters to a Young Sister Summary Themes Self Attributes/Racial Identity
Overcoming Obstacles About the Author Hill Harper, who is a Bestselling and Award Winning Author of Letters To A Young Brother, is an amazing and life changing book. Hill Harper is an author, an actor, a speaker, a giver, and a down to earth person overall. In this book, he takes the time to express and relate to (young) females by giving his advice and thoughts on the issues and concerns that they come across. This book entails the life experiences and changes that many young and older African American women face throughout their lives. Self Attributes/Racial Identity Davinelle Woodson
Salonika Green
Ashley Hunt
Tomaya Turner
Evonne Brinkley Written by author/ actor Hill Harper, Letters to a Young Sister was intended to empower young ladies in today’s society.
This book entails the life experiences and changes that many young and older African American women face throughout their lives.
Throughout the book Mr. Harper let's them know that someone wants to see them succeed in life as well as advising on how to go about being great in the proper manner.
He shares powerful wisdom within a series of letters discussing various topics with young women everywhere.
He uses role models such as First Lady Michele Obama, Angela Basset, Gabrielle Union, Ciara, Tatyana Ali, Malinda Williams, etc. Interpersonal/ Close Relationships Overcoming Obstacles Self attributes and racial identity was discussed in this book as “Defining” who you are as not just a person, but as an African American female.
Hill Harper makes the young female aware that the color of her skin is what makes her beautiful and being a part of such a talented and dignified race gives her more reason to persevere through negative concepts and stereotypes of the African American female. “You really have to look inside yourself and find your own inner strength, and then say, “I’m proud of what I am and who I am, and I’m just going to be myself” (Harper, 27).
He basically tells her to be accepting of who she is and to not label herself by how other people think or feel about her. My favorite theme of the book is overcoming obstacles because Harper really touches on subjects that young girls can relate to like break ups and feeling blue.
On page 127 he goes on to talk about talking it out with your significant other and if all else fails you can move on and it won't be the end of the world.
We are all on different levels and we need to a find a person that is on the same level as ourselves. That is something as young girls really need to hear as a female and that not all dudes are actually the same.
Another topic was the blues Harper on page 163 states that "You are too wonderful to be held back by sadness" and this is the ultimate truth. Reading the chapter on overcoming obstacles was enlightening and inspiring. In the book, Harper talks a great deal about relationships and not gender specific but a lot of times any gender can relate to peer pressure or the pressure of your significant other to try things you may not be ready for.
On page 1299 Harper states "Consider what your actions will say about you" and he goes on to discuss how in relationship we often times are afraid to say what we really feel, instead we lash out and act out on anger which can ruin and will ruin relationships. QUESTIONS??
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