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Sunflower paintings by Vincent van Gogh

Candice Cohen

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Sunflowers

Here is a bright yellow sunflower in full bloom.
what emotion do you think go
along with this painting? Van Gogh painted many picture of sunflowers.
There are many similarities to the paintings.
What do you see that is similar or different
in these two paintings? The many sunflowers of
Vincent van Gogh For some of his paintings he used dark brown
and darker shades of paint. What emotions
do you think of looking at this painting? Van Gogh used painting to express his emotions
(or how he was feeling) Make a list of any emotions you have felt. These can be past emotions or how you are feeling right now. How can you show the emotions you listed in
a painting or other piece of artwork? List different ways you can show
emotion in a painting or picture. By Vincent van Gogh Sunflowers
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