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Layers Of The Earth

6th grade science project

Trent Rayburn

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of Layers Of The Earth

Let's Learn about the Layers Of The Earth WELCOME You Will Learn about Them All There are 4 main layers of the Earth! Let's start with the Outermost layer Of The earth, The Crust. 1. The Crust is
5-100 km thick! That's not as much as some of the others you're about to learn about!!! The Crust is part of the LITHOSPHERE. The lithosphere a rigid plate somewhat separating the crust from another layer of the Earth, the upper mantle Temperatures in the crust range from 0-1000°c THAT'S HOT! But not as hot as some of the other layers you're about to learn about! The crust takes up less than 1% of the Earth's Mass FUN FACTS The crust is the LEAST DENSE layer of the Earth The Crust is the layer "on the top." The crust is mainly made of Oxygen (O), Silicon (Si), and Aluminum (Al), as well as granite and basalt in some areas regwthfdjfk
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