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Great Depression

No description

Frank Calhoun

on 8 September 2013

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Transcript of Great Depression

The Great Depression
A statue made in representation of the great depression.
Video playback
The Great Crash of 1929
Video Playback #2
Surviving the dust bowl
During the storm...
At the time of the depression, a horrible event soon after the market crash , was the dust bowl. This huge cloud was dangerous killed at least 55-85 people
During this time of the great depression, people were forced to live , move, and sell their stuff. Trying to gather anything they can salvage, so they can survive the brutal storm and the loss of money.
"Moving to where is better"
The art of despair
Found in 1932
Great Depression Music: Roger Wolfe Kahn Orchestra - It Don't Mean A Thing, 1932

This presentation says in my opinion how people back in that day and time felt. Times back then were very, very hard on those people who encountered that horrible stage of history. Back in slide 7, that painting was someones feelings on how they felt on through the 10 years of hell. People wrote song about this back then, and people still do till this day. Back in the video playback #2, it says that you couldn't see nothing but money flying away ( crops and farm animal). But you could hear people scream in the distance...
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