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Civil war propaganda

No description

taylor martin

on 26 January 2015

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Transcript of Civil war propaganda

Propaganda was used in many forms and places in the Civil War
Confederate Propaganda
Union Tactics
The Union often tried to make their people feel sorry for the slaves in their effort to keep them supportive of the war. Many of the posters, were composed of urgent messages of how evil the south was treating the slaves. The political cartoon below shows the common cause for winning the war and freeing the slaves, which was another common theme.
Political Cartoons
Civil war propaganda
Techniques Affected the People?
The Union and the Confederacy had different approaches to their propaganda and what they wanted it to mean to people.
The Confederacy wanted to make their people afraid of what would happen if they lost the war.
In contrast the Union would try to make the enemy seem evil, and stretch the truth way farther than it actually goes.
Propaganda was put anywhere where it could influence people's opinion.
Newspapers were a popular place to put propaganda because newspapers were many peoples only way to get information
Effects propaganda had on people
After seeing this poster
These animals responded like this
This kind of reaction was the kind of reaction the authors of the propaganda hoped for:)
How was propaganda published if it wasn't in a newspaper
CSA Propaganda
USA Propaganda
A famous example of Confederate propaganda is the Amalgamation Waltz
This piece uses a lot of fear throughout. It has all of the white ladies partnered up with former African American slaves. All of the ladies "supposed to be" partners are looking on from the balcony
"Give me your hand, Comrade! We have each lost a Leg for the good cause; but, thank God, we never lost HEART."
Political cartoons are illustrations that have some sort of social meaning relating to important events going on. Political cartoons were frequently used during the civil war.
Not only were political cartoons used to inspire people during the war but also during the presidential election prior to it. Some of the propaganda used affected the decisions of thousands of people to vote for Lincoln. Some political cartoons could be held responsible for the election of Abraham Lincoln and the whole chain of events after that.
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