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Harry Potter and Identity

No description

Melanie Mccullough

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Harry Potter and Identity

Today, we'll discuss:
Research Sources
Citing/Exploring Websites
Searching Databases Harry Potter and Identity Scholarly

Mary Wise

Mee Xiong

Melanie McCullough LIS 451 - Libguide Presentation How does the moral and psychological growth shown in the Harry Potter heptalogy relate to ideas of gender roles, identity challenges by American young adults today? Types of Research Sources Sources
http://olinuris.library.cornell.edu/ref/research/skill20.html Designed for the intelligence and interests of the people at large.
Sell products
Promote a viewpoint
Examples: People Magazine, Sports Illustrated How can you use these types of sources and why would you want to? Database Humanities Full Text
ABELL Websites Library Guide at tinyurl.com/451HarryPotter
Harry Potter Wiki at harrypotter.wikia.com Questions? Databases Humanities Full Text/ABELL
Search Tips
"Accio Article!" Game
Use the clues in your spellbook to search the database and find the article You are undergrads who have read HP for this course.
View our Library Guide at tinyurl.com/451HarryPotter
House Games! (aka peer-reviewed, academic, refereed)
Articles of this type have a goal to enhance or expand academic research. They are intelligently written and assumes a background in the subject.
Example Journals - Modern Fiction Studies, Journal of Higher Education Defined as having a solid base, being substantial.
Articles here are written for a general intelligent audience with a goal to provide information.
Few, if any, citations
Examples - The New York Times, National Geographic Types of Sources Types of Sources Designed to catch your attention and potentially shock you into reading. May focus on common superstitions or popular myths.
Often use flashy headlines "Alohomora" Harry Potter Wiki Game
Fill out the worksheet with character, spell, and target.
Two min for each round.
Spell needs to have a latin incantation for you to cast.
No unforgivable curses!
We will judge which spell wins. Popular Sensational Scholarly Substantive
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