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The new world of banking and payments

No description

Jason Combs

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of The new world of banking and payments

But banks still have an
New legislation
Compliance requirements
Massive data security concerns
Period of low investment in
The new world of
banking and payments
The banking and payments landscape is
The world of banking and payments...
...is changing.
The "always on society" is pushing innovation in banking and payments at an unprecedented rate
New competition from untried, untested and untrusted sources abound.

New market entrants are unencumbered by the demands of the regulator, legacy systems and procedures.
...have turned the industry on its side
FIS is the
global provider dedicated to banking and payments technologies.
world's largest
Serving more than
in over
110 countries.
14,000 institutions...
employees worldwide
15,000 employees
North America:
10,000 employees
Latin America:
8,000 employees
Asia Pacific:
2,000 employees

Global reach and scale
Market Coverage
Extensive domain expertise
and portfolio depth
Excellent relationships with customers
Core processing
Card processing
Transaction switching
Risk, fraud and compliance
Mobile banking

Serving over
with solutions including

14,000 clients
Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida
We have offices in 27 countries
on 5 continents.
Banks remain the number one place for consumers looking to manage their money. In general, they want the trust and security banks enjoyed in the late 20th century with the real-time access
and convenience they’ve come to expect in the 21st century.
Banks have huge amounts of information about their customers, they know about their spending and saving patterns, they understand their movements, they know more about their customers than the customers themselves.
With new technology comes innovation. With their infrastructure and expertise, banks are uniquely positioned to provide new and innovative banking and payments solutions.
We have the widest range of modern and flexible products that enable our customers to bring new consumer products to market, faster and more efficiently than anyone else.
Our in-depth local understanding and global
scale gives you the edge.
Here are a few examples of how
we helped our clients deliver
their strategy.
Vanquis Bank wanted to extend into new markets in Eastern Europe with a card based lending product that would help their consumers through the hard times.

They worked with FIS and within 6 weeks they had a product in the market (from a standing start).
Sainsbury's Bank wanted to break away from its long term banking partner to "go it alone". They turned to FIS because we are able to provide a solution based on technology, products and infrastructure that will deliver a full banking infrastructure.

FIS’ integrated solutions will support the bank’s deposit, savings, loan and credit cards accounts, and deliver seamless channel integration to enable customers to access their accounts through telephone, internet and mobile devices. The entire operation will be hosted and run by FIS in the UK.
Telefonica wanted a cost effective way to improve their response rates for customers writing, emailing or contacting by instant messaging.

They turned to FIS because we have the customer services capabilities to provide this service from an offshore centre. Voice communications were retained in-country but all other communications are now handled by us.
eftpos processes roughly 70% of Australia's debit card transactions.

FIS’ global EFT switching platform will be at the heart of the new hub infrastructure,
replacing the current bilateral networks and processing millions of eftpos
transactions each day across the country.
For more information about how FIS can help your company innovate, visit us online at
Globally, FIS supports more than credit card accounts, loyalty accounts, prepaid cards and debit cards.

FIS has relationships with global financial institutions
71 million
42 million
151 million
78 million
40 of the top 50
The challenges facing today's bankers
But don't take our word for it...
They have
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