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Community Spirit Recommendations

This is my Community Spirit Recommendations Presentation

Judith Elizabeth Arnott

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Community Spirit Recommendations

Welcome to my Community Spirit Recommendations Presentation. My Prezi Presentation will tell you lots of information about my Community Spirit Fundrasing Event. My voice over will guide you through my Prezi and explain my recommendations in more detail.
These are the suggestions for the food at my event:
Chocolate Buns,
Sugar Donuts
Hot Dogs

These are the suggestions for drinks at my event:
Coca - Cola,
Orange Squash
Blackcurrant Squash.

Drinks Costings
The plan of the event is to raise lots of money for lots of local charities in the Wakefield area. The charities chosen will raise money for lots of different causes like homelessness, the elderly, carers of disabled people, children, animals and lots more! Also, the event is to bring the community together.
The Plan
The local charities we are going to be raising money for, in Wakefield are: Wakefield Hospice, Oxfam, Barnardos, British Heart Foundation, Shelter, Carers Wakefield and District, Age UK, Scope, British Red Cross, Macmillan Cancer Support and NSPCC. To help the animals, the charity I have also chosen is RSPCA.
The Charities we are raising money for:
Where and When is it?
The event is going to take place on Kettlethorpe High School's Field
Time: 10am - 4pm.
The event is going take place on Saturday 20th September 2013.
Attractions and Activities
These are suggestions for the attractions at my event:
Bungee Trampolines,
Coconut Shy,
Bouncy Castle and Slide,
Water Walkers,
Face Painting,
Giant Hoopla,
Penalty Shootout
Cupcake Decorating.

Attractions and Activities costings
The logo
The tree with the handprints represents everyone coming together to raise lots of money for the event.
The background colour, which is light blue, portrays the sky. The basic lettering, that says 'Community Spirit', is a light green that stands out on the blue background, because it shows grass.
I made the text go round the circle and I also added at shadow to my logo so as to make it look more three dimensional.
These are the suggestions for freebies at mt event:

Map of where the event is
Food Costings
My Food costings from my spreadsheet model show that ASDA in total is the cheapest for the chosen foods. I assumed that the quantity is that approximately 250 people might have, for example, a burger and then times by Cost 2,(ASDA Prices), which equals Price 2. The overall total equals £1.785.00. Each of the costs compare the prices from different supermarkets like ASDA, Sainsburys and Tesco. If the cost of something goes up for example, burger buns, then the overall price and total will change.
My Drink Costings from my spreadsheet model above show that again ASDA is the cheapest. The quantity I assumed, needed for tea, Fanta, lemonade and Coca - Cola is 20 and the quantity needed for Orange and Blackcurrant squash is 30. Cost 2,(ASDA), is times by the quantity needed to equal Price 2. The overall total of the chosen drinks is £116.80. The model shows the comparison of the prices of the supermarkets ASDA, Sainsbury's and Tesco. If the quantity needed goes up or down then the price and total of the items above will change.
These are the costings of the attractions and activities. The pricing for the different activities are all from different places. The price total which is the cheapest, is Price 1. The assumed quantity was based on the sizing of the features and also the number of people predicted to use them. For the bungee trampolines the quantity needed was four. The quantity needed for the bouncy castle, coconut shy, penalty shootout, giant hoopla and water walker is one because of the size of these attractions. Finally, the quantity needed for the face painting is two because the number of children predicted to attend the event. The total of the cheapest price, Price 1, is £1,275.00.
Freebies Costings
These are the costings for the freebies. These costings for the freebies are from all different places. The cheapest in total is Price 3. The quantity needed for all of the freebies, predicted is 1000. I chose this number because 1000 is the maximum number for people to attend the fundraising event. The freebies chosen are pens, keyrings, wristbands, t-shirts and badges. The cheapest, overall total, Price 3, is £29,960.00. I assumed that everyone that attends the event till its full capacity,(1000), would want either a pen, keyring, wristband, t-shirt or a badge. If the costings of any of these items become higher or lower then Price 1, 2 or 3 will change and the overall total will change.
These are the number of pitches required for my event. The pitch sizes for small are 3 square meters, large, 6 square metres and the eating areas are also 3 square metres. I assumed, for my fundraising event I would need 5 small pitches, 2 large pitches and 3 eating areas. The total area allowed for the event is 2500 square metres. To work out the size taken because of the pitches is 34 square metres. I worked this out by timing the square metres' by the pitches assumed to get the size taken.
I chose to advertize the event by placing an column in the Wakefield Express and say a few words about the event on the local radio station, Ridings FM. I will say when it is, where it is what the event will be doing and what charities we will be raising money for. I will also say what food/drinks will be available and the attractions that are going to be there.
As shown on the spreadsheet model the maximum number of people allowed to attend the event is 1000. The maximum venue size for the event is 2500 square metres. The space per person is 2.5 square metres. I worked this out by dividing 1000 from 2500 which equals 2.5. On the second screenshot, to work out the space remaining, I have taken the pitch totals from the maximum space and the number of space remaining is 2464. For the number of people currently allowed, we divided the maximum space(2500) by the space per person(2.5) which equals 986, so the people currently allowed is 986.
Best and Worst case scenarios
The number of people currently allowed at the event is 986. The best case scenario is that the weather is really good and sunny and that the number of people calculated turn up. The worst case scenario is that the weather will either heavily rain or snow. This will affect the calculated number of people to attend the event because less people will come if it is a bad day and there is another event going on and only for example 850 people turn up instead of 986.
These are the bar charts that I created in my spreadsheet model. The charts compare the prices of different items of certain things at different places. For the food and also the drinks, the green bar charts represent ASDA, the orange represents Sainsbury's and the red represents Tesco. The graphs on the far right hand side compare the prices for the attractions and activities.
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