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Goin' Fishin

No description

Lance Slezak

on 21 December 2015

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Transcript of Goin' Fishin

Slide 2
Theme: One has to know when forgiveness is neccesary.
Slide 3
" Lion. I killed you mom and dad, man. listen... and your little brother. I said yeah. look, Neal. I'm not over this yet, but we need to talk. no, man, you were right"(pg. 106).
Slide 5
The author uses characterization to relate the message of theme because if you never forgive someone, you leave them and/or yourself with a feeling of guilt. This is significant because if no one forgives then we would live in a world full of hate and guilt.
Slide 4
The author uses characterization to show that Lionel doesn't want to forgive Neal but feels that he has to.
Thank you!
Goin' Fishin is about a boy named Lionel who sees his family get killed in front of him by his own friend. Lionel has to forgive Neal for what he did, but finds it hard to do so.
Goin' Fishin
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