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Chase Janes

No description

Susan Baker

on 10 May 2018

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Transcript of Chase Janes

Chase Janes
The Dinka Tribe
The Dinkas live in south sudaneeze dry, non humid bush, little water is found here.
Raising cattle is very import to the Dinkas way of life. And the children
Scarificationis most commonly used withen the dinka tribe when ceromonys are held for the becomming of an adult.
Throught the years, the Dinka and the Newer have fought for hundreds of years for the rights over arias with an abundance of water like ponds rivers and streams. The Dinka tribe was also involved in the Sudaneese Cival war.
Most of the Dinka people where, older close, passed down from relitives such as an old dress, or anything as modern to a t shirt, look at image in picture
Foods Are very unique in the Dinka tribe, basicly everthing they cook is hole made, such as rice and beans or beef stew!!!
Sudaneese homes are made up of any materal durable enuff to last. Homes look like sircle huts with on big room in the middle.
the red stands for freedom,
green stands for national recource, black stands for people and the, blue for
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