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Akins Awareness Presentation


Vy Ha

on 4 May 2013

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Transcript of Akins Awareness Presentation

Awareness Clubs -HOSA
-Ping Pong
-Student Co.
-Finer Things Clubs
-SAT Prep Class
-Beat Lab
-DIY Youth Art
-Interact Club
-Speech And Debate
-Key Club
-Environmental Club
-Lations Unidos
-Music/Lyrical Beat Lab
-AVID Club
-Viva La Vida
-Homework Haven
-Power Lifting
-ROTC Block Schedule A Days: Period 1-4
B Days: Period 5-8 H.O.S.A. HOSA allows students to be active in community service, leadership training, networking in the health care field, trips to educational facilities, and the ability to train and compete in various areas of the health care spectrum. . J.R.O.T.C Learn leadership skills while serving your community. Led by members of the JROTC, students develop disciplinary skills and lifelong friendships. Activities include color guard, drill, and saber team, and MORE!! Beat Lab Musical Creations / Lyrical In this club students are able to create, mix, and produce their own music by computer. If you are interested in these things, this club can simply be the beginning of your career in producing and mixing! You can bring your own instrument to record songs, or just show up with your love for music! Even if you’ve never taken a music class, you too can be a musician! A.H.A. Arts & Humanities Academy * Music
* Dance
* Theatre
* Art
* Print Journalism
* Digital Media The Arts and Humanities Academy serves Akins students and the larger Akins community by inspiring in-depth, focused self-expression and exploring the cultural foundations of our human condition in an attempt to honor the past, acknowledge the present and enrich the future. Majors: A.C.E.S. Agriculture, Computer, & Engineering Sciences Provide a community in which career exploration is fostered through real world experiences for present and future learners who have an interest in agriculture, computer, and engineering sciences while creating an environment in which relationships are valued. Majors: *Veterinary Assistant
*Information Tech
*Engineering Design S.S.A. Social Services Academy * Ready-Set-Teach
* Pre-Med
* Health Science Technology
* Social Services
* World Languages The Social Services Academy offers hands-on experiences in leading, teaching, counseling, serving, and helping others. This Academy supports caring students, who empathize with the needs of individuals as well as our diverse global community. Majors: A.B.L2.E. Academy of Business, Leadership, and Legal Enterprises * Corrections Officer
* Court Reporter
* Dispatcher
* Police Detective
* FBI Agent
* Park Ranger
* Legal Secretary
* Forensics/Crime Scene Investigator Majors: In ABL2E, we want our students to walk away with a sense of belonging, a sense of adventure and the ability to take risks, a sense of self-respect and respect in others, success in working together and achieving high results, and the pride and confidence to make their professional dreams come true. Nientth Grade Academy Freshman Academy The 9th Grade Academy addresses the transition from middle school to high school. The Akins 9th Grade Academy helps students understand and meet the challenges of high school and life-long learning. Expectations: *Be on time to class, have appropriate supplies, and be ready to learn.

*Participate in the activity.

*Be respectful of others and their property.

*Reminder – no electronics, food, and drinks in the classroom (bottled water allowed). New Tech HIgh New Tech High New tech is a project base learning environment. It's based on real business world type aspect. Working on problems solving and solutions of current events. Everything is done in groups and on computers. Majors: You will have the opportunities to chose any other major from the other academy at Akins. New Tech Branches out to the other academies.
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