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Melville Dewey and the DDC

Dewey Decimal Classification System

Denette Mottayaw

on 29 November 2017

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Transcript of Melville Dewey and the DDC

Melville Dewey
He worked hard to make
more libraries available
to the public.
He also wanted to improve
how books were organized
in libraries.
How are your books
organized at home? by color?
by size?
What would you do if
you were a librarian and
had to organize a lot of books?
Mr. Dewey created
the DDC:
The Dewey Decimal
Look around your library.
Do you see the separate

"The main idea of this system is that books
about things that are alike should be put on
the same shelves so that they are easy to find."
(Kent & Brinkmeyer 9)

Let's watch a video....
Dewey made 10
On a piece of paper write:

1. Your name

2. A Dewey classification number that you are
interested in. Write it in hundreds. (ex. 900)

3. What kind of book might be in this section that you
would like to explore? (Please answer using a
complete sentence.)
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