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Anime-Shugo Chara

About Shugo Chara

Annabelle Tang

on 23 May 2011

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Transcript of Anime-Shugo Chara

ANIME-SHUGO CHARA What are shugo charas? They are guardian characters who
hatch from an egg. They represent
what a person really is inside or
what a person wants to be. In seiyo academy, there is this group called the guardians.The guardians each have their own shugo charas. THE GUARDIANS A prophecy is made that a person
will come to seiyo academy with
3 shugo charas The usual amount of shugo
charas a person have is either
1 or 2 SO WHY WOULD A PERSON HAVE 3??? THE ROLES IN THE GUARDIANS KING QUEEN JACK ACE JOKER THEIR JOB IS TO PURIFY NEGATIVE THOUGHTS ABOUT PEOPLE'S OWN DREAMS BY USING CHARACTER CHANGE EASTER Easter is a company which plans to steal the embyro WHAT IS AN EMBRYO? An embryo is an egg when caught, will make anybody's dream come true It is hard to catch and only appears in the presence of X eggs every one has an egg in their hearts.When they give up on their dreams, their eggs turn into X eggs WHAT IS AN X EGG? joker's chair
Has a younger sister, Ami
Likes Ikuto and Tadase
Has 3 shugo charas
Job is to purify eggs The 3 shugo charas are:
-Ran;the sporty one
-Miki;the artist
-Su;the baker
-Dia;Amu's desire to shine HINAMORI AMU TADASE HOTORI king's chair
likes hinamori amu
has a shugo chara
admired by the whole school
is very kind
Childhood friends with Hoshina Utau and Ikuto Shugo chara is:
Kiseki-the opposite of Tadase.Dreams of ruling the world Kukai Souma former jack's chair
recently graduated
has 1 shugo chara
gives gaurdians sport trainings shugo chara is:
Daichi-sporty YAYA YUIKI ace's chair
loves cute things
has a brother.Tsubasa shugo chara is :
Pepe-baby MASHIRO RIMA queen's chair
loves jokes
only child
has 1 shugo chara shugo chara:
kusu kusu-joker HOSHINA UTAU not in the guardians
ability to purify X eggs
has 2 shugo charas
loves brother, Ikuto Shugo charas:
Iru-Devil IKUTO TSUKIYOMI Brother of Utau
Loves the violin
Likes Amu Shugo Chara is:
Yoru-cat NAGIHIKO FUJISAKI Had to act as a girl beacuse he dances
has 2 shugo charas
likes Amu
former queen's chair
now jack's chair Shugo charas:
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