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Divided We Govern

Exploring the reasons why America is so split up.

Tailyr Johnson

on 30 November 2011

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Transcript of Divided We Govern

Divided We Govern The Divided Government
The government is split into two political parties. How it relates to Mayhew's thesis:
Divided control does not lead to more instances of congressional investigation of the executive branch or the legislative branch. Mayhew's Thesis vs. Conventional Wisdom Mayhew conveys a government that wants to advance their own seperate goals. This goes against the conventional wisdom of an ideal democratic government that works together. Mayhew's five arguements of divided Government: Divided government does not produce worse laws than under unified government. Meaning that if it’s either unified or divided both will make mistakes on making laws. The budget process is not necessarily affected by divided government. Meaning that is doesn’t matter if the government is united or divided because they both have the same levels of demand and would need to supply the same amounts of legislation is order to operate equally. Congress does not necessarily micro-manage executive affairs more under divided government than unified government. It doesn’t affect that much affect on the structure of the regime. The conduct of foreign policy is not damaged by divided government. Foreign policy is going to happen even if the government is united or divided because it’s a fighting matter at home. The argument that the country's lower-income strata are not well-served under divided party control is not necessarily true. Their role is to impose on the country’s collection of government institutions a kind of order that serves majority interests. British Gov't vs. U.S. Gov't: The British party model does not fit our culture and political institutions because the British have one unified government in parliament while the U.S. has separate government that checks and cooperates with each other.
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