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NightSky LED™


Dmitry Brezhnev

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of NightSky LED™

NightSky LED NightSky LED™ is a modular lighting system
that can be installed virtually anywhere, making it the perfect solution for street and
tunnel lighting, low and high bay lighting, underground and surface parking lots,
building facades, security lighting and more. NightSky LED™ wireless lighting controls provide on/off/full dimming and monitoring... NightSky LED Smart Affordable Lighting Solutions NightSky LED Panel Light Series Street Light Series Mounting Unique design of rotating arm
Adjustable angle from -30° to +90 ° Mounting Easy mounting to standard tenons
Up to OD 65mm (2.56”) tenons
Be part of the Solution, go Green, Save Energy!
Together we can change the world. BDS Industrial Solutions Inc.
209 – 8988 Fraserton Court, Burnaby, BC V5J 5H8, Canada
T: +1 (604) 435-1879
F: +1 (866) 336-3986
Non-Image Optics, Dark Sky friendly

High-impact & UV resistant Polycarbonate

Type I, II and III light distribution patterns Drivers High performance drivers by Philips® Advance®

Power Factor (PF) >0.98

WAGO® connectors Design Accessories Photocell (optional)
Bird spikes (custom)
Custom adaptors to
fit any application Canopy Bracket Allows installation on the ceiling or on the wall
Used for High/Low Bay, Parking Lot installations Flood Light Bracket Allows inclining of the fixture
Can be used as Wallpack or Wallwasher Recessed Mounted Allows installation “inside” of the ceiling or canopy
Used for Gas Stations and underground installations Optics Components
Top grade LED chips by CREE®

14 x 2W LEDs per strip

Aluminum alloy heat sinks Output
Up to 29,000 lm

Color Rendering CRI>75

Efficacy over 95 lm/W Lighting Modules Drivers Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) <10%

120-277V (1.4 - 0.6A) 50/60Hz

Available in 347-480V (0.5 - 0.35A)

0-10V dimming and DALI programming
Weather sealed (IP66)

3500K, 4000K, 4500K, 5000K

Easy cleaning, quick replacement Slick weather proof (IP66) design
Replacement for fixtures from 150W to 1,000W
Standard colors: Grey, White, Black, Bronze Street Light Series Wiring and Controls Simple wiring
WAGO® connectors
Plug & Play wireless
controls installation Panel Light Series TM TM We believe that using less energy,
improving the lifespan of light fixtures, making recyclable components and
reducing light pollution is a great contribution to helping people
reduce their environmental impact. which results in energy savings of up to 95% With hydro and maintenance bills constantly rising NightSky LED™ high efficient luminaires deliver: brighter, cleaner and more reliable lighting than standard HPS / LPS / MH luminaires. High performance LED luminaires TM NightSky LED Industrial LED Lighting Solutions TM NightSky LED LED lighting solutions for communities TM NightSky LED Multipurpose LED lighting systems TM NightSky LED Before Garbage Transfer Station, North Vancouver, BC Canada After 4 x 196W LED + 12 x 84W LED Before Elementary School, Vancouver, BC Canada After 9 x 112W LED NightSky LED Parking Lot, Catholic Church, Coquitlam, BC Canada 9 x 56W LED Green Technology
Mercury & lead free, RoHS compliant, fully recyclable

CSA / CSAus certified, DLC and Lighting Facts® listed

Low maintenance and extended lifespan (> 100,000hrs)

Eligible for Incentives and Rebates (Power Smart) NightSky LED TM TM Before New Westminster, BC Canada After 5 x 56W LED 4 x 252W LED NightSky LED TM 4 x 252W LED NightSky LED TM NightSky LED TM www.nightsky-led.com Wallmount Allows replacement of standard Wallpacks
Used on the building sides and area lighting Tunnel Light Direct replacement for tunnel light fixtures
Also used on heavy machinery and special installations Modular design exposed to environment
Open air ventilation for great heat dissipation
Variety of sizes and interchangeable modules Wallpack Series New addition to the NightSky™ LED Family
Modular Wallpack with Motion Sensor (optional)
Standard Photocell socket Standardized Construction All models use the same components
Interchangeable universal drivers
Dimming and programming Improved Weather Resistance Suitable for harsh environments
Strong water seal
IP 66 rating Canopy Mount Before Wallpack Series TM
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