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Bitcoin Investing with Small Money

No description

Steve Kwizera

on 30 December 2016

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Transcript of Bitcoin Investing with Small Money

#1 - Security!
By far the most important if you are going to get involved with Bitcoin! Secure your system!
Open A Secure Bitcoin Wallet!
Time to dive in and get started! These featured wallet providers offer
bank level security
. Meaning bad guys won't hack and steal your coins.
Fund Your Wallet For Free!
Start getting more involved by earning
free Bitcoin
to later invest. This method is
Risk Free!!
Invest Earnings!
Time to invest the free Bitcoin we've accumulated!
Always check www.Bitmakler.net for latest on which programs are paying and which aren't! Like...daily!
Consistently browse my blog for more investment opportunities. --> http://eztechwin.blogspot.com/
Spread the Gospel!
As you profit remeber to inform others. Start a blog even and use you affiliate links! They go a long way for supplemental earnings.
Sip Tea, Sit Back, Earn!
Remember, we want to reinvest but also store some of our gains for long terms value!
Bitcoin Investing with Small Money
The Smart Guide by
Update or Purchase Anti Virus Protection
Most Important Get Real-time Malware Protection!
Coinbase: An exchange and wallet provider. Find out more: https://www.coinbase.com/join/eztechwin
Xapo: An exchange and wallet provider. Find out more: https://xapo.com/
More on Apps/Games @ http://eztechwin.blogspot.com/2015/12/intro-to-bitcoin-and-altcoins-fatten.html
view ads, earn bitcoin
play games, view ads, earn bitcoin
see link below for more details
social & competative, wager and earn, strategy first
More On Social Wagering @ http://eztechwin.blogspot.com/2015/12/onehash-sports-betting-ez-approved.html
see link below for more details
Clound Mining
Earn for literally blogging.
Trade crypto currencies. Technical analysis first.
email eztechwin@gmail.com for more resources
Cheers and remember to contact eztechwin@gmail.com with any questions.
Always log in and to withdraw or atleast check the math and makes sure you earnings are recieved consistently.
Always check forums to be infromed of what is happening, what everyone is up to and learn.
No matter which investment paths you take always diversify! Investing $100 in 25 programs is better than $50 in two programs for example.
subscribe to my Youtube channel for more great content -> http://bit.ly/eztechYT
Be active on forums and social media and tell your story! Let others know what is working and what has gone wrong! Things will go wrong so look to the community (forums) for information.
More on HYIP's @ http://eztechwin.blogspot.com/2015/12/alternative-investments-hyips.html

Invest in mining services and grow your coins
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