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on 24 October 2014

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Transcript of GROUP CLASS

Our School
School Organization
Our town

Our teachers
School Organization:
We start school at nine o’clock. Then, pupils
go to the playground at eleven o’clock. After that,
we come back to our classrooms. At one o’clock, we go home to have lunch. Some children stay in the school canteen. In the afternoon we start school at three o’clock and we finish school at five o’clock. Some pupils have extra school activities.
In short, we stay six hours at school everyday.

In our school there are three doors to enter
into the school. The biggest one is for the
teachers. The others are for the children.
One for the younger children and the other
for us (from 1st grade to 6th grade).

Our subjects:

• Science in Catalan is:Medi
• Maths in Catalan is: Matemàtiques
• English in Catalan is: Anglès
• Music in Catalan is: Música
• Art in Catalan is: Plàstica
• Spanish in Catalan is: Castellà
• Physic Education in Catalan is: Educació Física
• ITC in Catalan is: Informàtica
• Reading Time in Catalan is: L’hora de la Lectura
• Citizenship in Catalan is: Educació per a la Ciutadania

The English Classroom
Dobrý deň
Our School
Our English classroom is big with a high ceiling. The class is very bright.
There are several corners in the class. The library corner where you can read books, comics, magazine or look for words in the dictionary.

We are a group class of 31 boys and girls. There are 13 girls and 18 boys. We are 11 -12 years old and we live in Montornès del Vallès, a small village near Barcelona. Our families come from many different countries: Morocco, Romania, Gambia, Colombia, Cuba, Catalonia and other parts of Spain. In the playground we use to play football, basketball, hide-and-seek and reading books.

The name of our school is Marinada, (it's the name of a wind). Our school has got two buildings (Pre-school and Primary) and three playgrounds.

There are several rooms at school:

Music classroom
Radio Marinada
I.C.T classroom
The gym
The canteen

Montornès del Vallès is a small village near Barcelona.
People come from different countries: Romania, Morocco, Gambia, Senegal, Pakistan, Colombia, Peru, Equator, Cuba, China, etc.

In Montornès there are different services (cafes, English schools, a sports center, a theatre, a library, parks, shops, health center, youth center, an old people house and a hotel.

The most important place you can visit in Montornès is
a roman ruin from the 2nd
Century B.C.

There are also interesting places to visit:
a castle, a mountain and a romanic church.

Mons Observans
River Mogent
Pau Picasso Park
Sant Sadurní Church
Eva and Monica are very good friends. They started working together ten years ago.
They treat us well and teach us a lot.

Now we are going to describe Eva and later, Monica.

Eva is medium-height and is slim. Is thirty-seven years old, she lives in Sant Quirze Del Vallès, it´s a small village in Barcelona, and Barcelona is a city.
She’s got brown, short and wavy hair. Eva doesn’t have a ponytail because she has very short hair, and she sometimes wears glasses because she looks good.
Eva is wearing brown leggins and a pink T-shirt. She is nice but messy!
She likes taking photos and being with her children.

Now, we are going to describe Mónica.

Mónica is medium-height and slim, too; she is thirty-five years old.
She lives in Parets Del Vallès, is a small village in Barcelona. Monica’s got dark brown and straight hair. Monica sometimes got a ponytail because she is hot.
She is wearing a grey T-shirt and blue jeans. Monica’s a nice teacher and teaches us how to speak English. Monica likes dancing, doing jigsaw and loves wearing earrings, necklaces ...etc.

And this is the best description of both teachers.
Our group
Mónica and Eva
Montornès Nord
Our mail adress:
Escola Marinada
Av. de la Llibertat, s/n
08170 Montornès del Vallès

Our e-mail:

Our blog:
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