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Making My Way: Success for All Students!

No description

Dee Bee

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Making My Way: Success for All Students!

Making My Way: Success for All Students!
Every Peel student has their own individual plan! What will yours look like?
Getting on to my Blueprint.....
Go to Google and type in:
or visit the Dolphin Library Resource Center
webpage for the link
Signing In......
Time to Review the Site:
Your Task:

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the LEARNING STYLES link.

Complete the 27 questions in order to discover your learning style!
In Grade 7 and 8, you are REQUIRED to visit MyBlueprint TWICE a year! This will be guided and reviewed by your teachers
My BLUEPRINT- Education Planner for Grade 7-12 Students

By completing a series of activities on this website, you are contributing to your
Individual Pathway Plan (IPP)
Once on the website, click on
You must first connect through your
High School!
Streetsville S.S
Mississauga S.S
You will be using your IPP now until the
of High School :)
It helps you to learn more about yourself as a learner and helps to guide you in terms of your future career choices
Workplace, Apprenticeship, College, University?
Follow the prompts: You will need to enter your current
email account
and a
My Blueprint Features:
Learning Styles
Goal Setting
Interest Surveys
High School Planner
Post Secondary Planner
Occupation Planner
Experiences and Resume Building

The required activities will change depending on what grade you are in :)

After your account has been set up a
will be sent to you. Please verify your account ASAP!
Pathways, What's Yours?


Once you are on Peel TV, type in "Pathways"
Then, link to Dolphin
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