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Take Flight: Transitioning Into Adulthood with FASD

No description

on 14 November 2014

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Transcript of Take Flight: Transitioning Into Adulthood with FASD

• FASD effects brain development to various degrees

• common characteristic of FASD is varying levels of maturity in different modalities (expressive language comprehension; social and self-care skills; and awareness and regulation of emotions)

• Most with FASD do not understand their primary disabilities cause social and emotional problems within their own life (mental health disorders, disruptive school experiences, alcohol/drug addiction, and dependent living

• Students with FASD can learn; they simply have to learn on their terms and at their speed.

• Because these students have problems with maturity, students with FASD often have difficulties recognizing their limitations or functioning difficulties

Take Flight: Transitioning Into Adulthood with FASD
Independence Strategies
• Initial Evaluation of strengths and weaknesses, including a functional assessment

• Highly-structured classrooms, daily routines

• Assignments and sectioned lessons to promote focus and attention while not being exhaustive

• Planning needs to involve Jennifer and her family, school staff members, and community service providers.

• Open lines of communication must be established and maintained.

• Include early planning for the transition into adult life

• Advocate/mentor program

• Job training, such as Prostart

• Federal, state and private organizations: assistance with support services

• Public housing or other federal housing programs, as well as state, local, and nonprofit programs

IEP Goals
• Have an understanding of addition and subtraction, especially fractions
• By the end of grad 11 she will have achieved the required math class to take chemistry
• Have an understanding of basic finance math
• Ability to read and comprehend 10th grade level readings by graduation
• Ability to write at 10th grade level by graduation
• Ability to manage her own finances responsibly
• Ability to respond appropriately to social situations, as well as pick up on social cues that she has had difficulty with in the past.

Team members
Plan of Action
• Enrollment in a school/business partnership program called Prostart

• At the end of the program she will be awarded a certificate that will give her an edge for applying to job opportunities when compared to her peers

• As part of the program, she shadowed a chef at a local restaurant and has plans to apply there

• Jennifer will need continuing support when it comes to her social skills.

• For the first few weeks of hiring she will be provided with a job coach to work with her when communicating with her co- workers and managers.

• Check-ins will taper in frequency, but continue throughout her life to see if any social problems come into play

• Continued behavioral issues and disruptions, despite prescribed meds and placement in modified program

• Often violent and argumentative with her parents

• Diagnosed with FASD prior to her 9th grade year

• Dreams of one day becoming a chef

• Currently enrolled in vocational stream classroom specializing in the culinary arts

• Continues to struggle in math and language arts, subjects she needs to master to become a chef

• Wants to take chemistry, but is apprehensive due to her difficulties in math

• Jennifer and her parents
• Special education teacher
• General education teachers
• Special ed teacher will be in contact with school/business partnership program Prostart representative
• Advocate/mentor
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