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No description

Camilla Ahm

on 22 September 2017

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Transcript of Basketball

Where did it start?
Springfield, Massachusetts, USA...
Who Started it?
Dr. James Naismith...
This is Dr. James Naismith
What are the rules?
The lake...
Equipment? Clothes?
A memorial of Dr. James Naismith in Lawrence, Kansas
Random fact #1
There is a number on every shirt. It has to be between 4-40

Random fact #3
In football the organization is FIFA... In basketball is it FIBA.
When did it start?
In the early December...
Random fact #4
On the 15th January 1892 the had rules been published.
Random fact #2
In the beginning they used peach baskets instead of a net.
The summer olympic
Basketball at summer ol...
Gold medal statistics
Michael Jeffrey Jordan
The world best!
Look at that ass
The first match...
This ain´t the first match!
Basketball in Denmark
The best teams in Denmark
Random fact #5
The first olympic game that was played by males were in 1936

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