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An Attempted Rescue

No description

Madeleine Student

on 23 May 2016

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Transcript of An Attempted Rescue

An Attempted Rescue
An Attempted Rescue
A father and a son were on a vacation driving home from Yellowstone National Park
They saw a baby bison on the side of the road and decided it needed help
They put the bison in their car and drove to the park facility
Where Everything Goes Wrong
The tourists thought they were doing a good deed
As they arrived they got fined $110 for touching the wildlife
The park rules are that you must stay 25 yards away from all wildlife, which they did not follow
Park Rules
These rules are established for your safety and the safety of the animals
Adult Bison are known to be protective and will defend their young by attacking
Approaching wildlife can cause mothers to reject their offspring
Following Park Rules
National Parks are there for visitors to enjoy the beauty of nature, so let's not disturb this
In this story, the bison had to be put down because it was abandoned
By not following these rules, more animals could become threatened
Preserving our National Parks
This could have easily been avoided if the park rules were followed
By getting the word out there, we can help people learn from other's mistakes
Next time you visit a national park, please follow the rules and stay safe

By: Stella Schneider
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