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The Story of an Hour

No description

Emiliano Bonilla

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of The Story of an Hour

The Story of an Hour
Plot Structure
Rising Action
Josephine and Richards break the news of Mrs. Mallard's husband's death to her.
She is up in her room thinking to herself "Free, free, free!" when Josephine convinces her to come downstairs.
Someone begins to open the door
with a latchkey. Who opened the
door? What is Mrs. Mallard's
reaction? Find out in "The Story
of an Hour."
Something occurs that is exactly opposite of what Mrs. Mallard is thinking, what will happen, and who will go?
Only Mrs. Mallard and the reader knows what she is really thinking and feeling, all the other characters are left in the in the dark to make typical assumptions about grief.
This story is set in just two rooms of a small house during the 1800's, making this story very focused on the plot.
This short story was written in the late 1800's. It is a great story to read just for fun or for English. It tells the story of a house wife when she receives the news of the death of her husband.
Kate Chopin was born on
February 8, 1850 and died on August 22, 1904 she was a famous short story author. She was most known for "The Awakening," "The Story of an Hour," and "The Storm."

"Little Worlds
By: Peter Guthrie and Mary Page
The Story of an Hour:
Mrs. Mallard
Supporting characters:
Josephine, Richards, Mr. Mallard, and the Doctors
This story is a must read, with a drama packed plot. It is also filled with irony, and has some very interesting themes to it. This book conveys a powerful image of life in the 1800's.
One theme in the story is that the true reality of things might not appear on the surface. For example, without the narrator,we would think that Mrs. Mallard is sad about her husband's death.

Why this story is an amazing work of literature.
Another theme is that freedom is important, and it must have been hard for women to feel freedom in the 19th century. Mrs. Mallard only felt that freedom when she heard the news of her husbands death, the feel to do as she wishes. With her husband she would be restrained, she would have to follow what he said, her husband had control over her life.

Things are not as they seem
The struggle for freedom
situational irony
dramatic irony
Prezi Made By:
Emiliano Bonilla
Josh Epstein
Trevor Fagin
Lee Trahan

This story has a sad and depressing atmosphere.
What happens to the atmosphere as the story moves on?
Does it change into something completely different?
Read the book to find out.

Freedom rings trough the air,
what is the symbol,
and where does it appear?
Something white is in the air, it represents hope, in the darkest times, where does it appear?
Challenge: see if you can find these two symbols in the Prezi.
Man vs. Self:
Mrs. Mallard is fighting her internal emotions.
Why? "find out in the story of an hour"
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