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Energy Modeling Tools

Quick overview of options for energy modeling and some of their advatages/disadvantages

Jon Wollak

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Energy Modeling Tools

Tools imports Sketchup models directly
whole building system analysis
day one design decision guidance
can provide EUI Sefaira Comfen 4.0 WUFI energy plus based system
parallel modeling effort/ dedicated .gbxml export process
simulation software
very detailed
use throughout the whole project Design
Builder V3 web based program
uses a .gbxml or conceptual energy analysis directly from Revit/Vasari
whole building energy, daylighting, water use, carbon emissions
primarily used during the conceptual/schematic workflow
can provide EUI Green
Building Studio import .gbxml or model in program
features being integrated into Revit/Vasari
being incrementally phased out by Autodesk Ecotect energy analysis tool
wind analysis tool
solar radiation tool
geometry creation/ fenestration modeler to help drive design Vasari/Revit Evaluate Fenestration of Commercial buildings
compare various systems
outputs charts
utilizes specific glazing system data
facilitates specific material selection based on performance heat and moisture transfer modeler
influence of driving rain
effects of repairs/retrofitting
building assembly validation tool
Design Development DOE 2 ?
Equest ? ...Next?
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