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A Virtual Tour Through (Plant) Cell City

No description

Lily deGroot

on 5 October 2015

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Transcript of A Virtual Tour Through (Plant) Cell City

A Virtual Tour Through (Plant) Cell City
Golgi Apparatus
Cell Membrane
Cell Wall
Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum
Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum
Also Cytoskeleton
The nucleus is like a city hall because they both hold all of the information about a cell/city and are in control of all cell activities.
A nucleolus is like a mayor because a mayor does a lot of work to keep thing moving in the city, and the nucleolus does a lot of the work by producing ribosomes.
Cytoplasm is like the atmosphere/gravity because they both take up the space around everything in a city or cell and hold everything in place.
The Golgi Apparatus is like a USPS truck because they both package and deliver materials.
Peroxisomes are like a sewage treatment plant because they both remove harmful substances.
A cell membrane is like a gate because they both are semi-permeable.
Mitochondria is like an energy plant because mitochondria is the power center of cell, as power plants are for a city.
A vacuole is like a water tower because a vacuole stores nutrients and waste products, and a water tower stores water.
A cell wall is like a brick wall because they both give shape to a neighborhood/cell and provide protection like a barrier.
Chloroplasts are like solar panels because they both turn the sun's light into energy.
Chromoplasts are like an art supply store because chromoplasts store pigments in a plant, and art supply store stores paints/pigments also.
Smooth ER is like a pharmaceutical plant because they both produce special materials to help the citixens/organelles.
Rough ER is like a factory because rough ER produces proteins because of ribosomes, and a factory also produces something that helps a city.
A cytoskeleton is like a network of roads because they both move objects around a cell/city.
Another part of the cytoskeleton.
Ribosomes are like factories because ribosomes produce lots of protein, and factories also produce a lot of a certain thing.
Chromosomes are like a household where parents give information to children, and chromosomes hold DNA which givnstructions.
Leucoplasts are like warehouses because they both store a variety of different things for the cell/city.
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